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The number of people that know about and use cryptos increase every day, naturally, the demand will make them more and more valuable! That's why it is important to keep track of the public's awareness on the subject!



The table shows how popular the following words are on Google's search engine over the past year:

Blue: Lisk

The numbers represent the amount of search interest in the subject relative to the highest point on the chart for over the span of a year.
A value of 100 is the peak of search popularity (100%) and a value of 50 means that it is half as popular (50%). Similarly, a value of 0 means it was less than 1% as popular as the peak.


The chart shows a significant upward trend in Google's search! Lisk is a public blockchain platform that allows the creation of decentralized applications similar to Ethereum. Lisk uses the Javascript programming language, which is the most widely used language by web developers all around the world.
You may be asking why the price of Lisk has been mooning recently, there is one definite explanation. Lisk is undertaking a rebranding this upcoming month: September 2017. For those of you who have witnessed Antshares rebranding to Neo, you also experienced the price surge as well as the publicity it had created. The increase in Lisk awareness is not only due to the great potential it has and support from the Javascript community, but also because people are stocking up for the rebrand! If Lisk plays out the way Neo did, expect the price to rise even more in September!

Look at the purple arrows.

lsk arrow.jpg

A similar trend happened with Antshares, weeks before it's rebranding!

neo arrow.jpg

Just you wait and see!

Thanks for reading guys!
Take what you want from my post, I am but 1 man with 1 mind.
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Rebranding, SDK later in the year, and increased total market cap in cryptos= Lisk mooning. Good luck everyone!

Thanks for the info! SDK is definitely something that is also boosting Lisk, I'm real excited to see how it plays out :)

had lisk at 2 bucks and cashed out around 5. kicking myself now. my poor lisk..

oh mann, I'm sorry to hear that =/. Don't worry though, many more opportunities will come in the crypto world!

Nice summary of Lisk's trend, I have quite a bit of lisk in my portfolio. I also do cryptocurrency related stuff on my blog, check it out :). Nice article

Thank you! :) I will check it out, in the meantime hodl your Lisk!!

I guess the Japanese LISK girl's pep cheer on twitter worked.

LMAO, i saw that too

Lisk has a good platform for a lot of talents to come out. The javascript will allow many programmers to make their own program and the sdk will help that further. My dilemma is whether the people will come out or not. Lisk is a great coin but without the right people, it'll delay. With the support of more programmers and community, I think Lisk will take off to the moon.

Yess, I completely agree. From what I have seen, Lisk has had great support from the JS community that is continuously growing. Once the SDK comes out, it will be extremely easy for those interested to deploy their own network, in my mind Lisk taking off is inevitable. :)

Yup. Lisk seems to be promising and I think one day it'll be a big platform where all types of crypto enthusiasts and programmers can join in sharing the technology.

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@jefft got you a $2.89 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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