likwid 2nd layer beneficiary for dapps

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likwid 2nd layer beneficiary for dapps

We are excited to announce a new likwid feature targeted at dApps.


Vested reward (SteemPower) is often a liability for businesses. The option of inmediate liquid rewards has many potential applications. There is however a limitation in how the beneficiary STEEM-native feature can be exploited.

This new feature is an application-based beneficiary abstraction layer that allows dApps to keep their beneficiary scheme while using likwid.

Under normal circumstances, likwid needs to be set as beneficiary for a given dApp-powered post. However, a problem arises for dApps which operate on a "traditional beneficiary monetisation model"; likwid utilisation would clash with it.

Now with the implementation of a custom_json operation during post signing likwid will follow the beneficiary pattern specified at this very json document.

Traditional monetisation model with beneficiaries diagram

New likwid proposal diagram


Startups sometimes struggle in competitive enviroments rewarding their customers in a timely manner. We help professionals reward their customers at a more appealing pace.

Basically, dApps can now pay their customers in cash (100% liquid) instantly at payout time while keeping their usual beneficiary distribution.

Setup and configuration

The beneficiary proxy will be read from a custom_json container.

Official STEEM custom_json documentation

All you need to do is appending a custom_json operation within the same transaction where the comment operation is included

[ "custom_json", { "required_auths": [], "required_posting_auths": ["example_account"], "id": "likwid-beneficiary", "json": "{ "id": "likwid-beneficiary", "beneficiaries":[["customerA", 9000], ["example_account",1000]] }" } ]

idand beneficiariesfields are mandatory


Contact & help

Find us on Steemium Discord under #likwid channel.

For more information on @likwid check out our announcement post.

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Hey @likwid i think its a awesome service i have started using likwid from yesterday!

The force is with you! You got a 24.92% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @dongkong!

This post earned a total payout of 1.830$ and 1.376$ worth of author reward which was liquified using @likwid. To learn more.

It sounds really cool

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So what happens when you issue liquid rewards today and someone catches a flag 2 days later and knocks the post to 0 STU?

likwid works at payout time. Flags will decrease payout value, and therefore, likwid returns will be reduced too.

Ahh, okay that makes more sense... so basically just bypass delegation. When bidbots do it, it's basically just "investors" devaluing their own investment... I suppose this will act like "investors" buying stake at a discount. Could have better impact on the price, I suppose time will tell.

It bypass the 13 weeks power down time.

Are you sure about that? I see you paying out a lot more. I got the impression you are being used to circumvent the system by people who get flagged. I do not know how they do it, but you should check your records. Just today e.g. you paid out someone who gets flagged and downvoted every day. Post reward shows 2.8 USD. you paid 4.232 SBD plus 11.820 STEEM!!!!! In fact you pay him several times a day.

This sounds like an excellent service!

Essentially beneficiary is set as likwid and then likwid handles distribution right ?

This will empower the sell pressure more if many people use it and thus making steem price not go up.

Does your service have a limitation on the 2nd layer number of beneficiaries?

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No, as many as you want. Just make sure the total weightsum equals 100%

It seems like the steem ecosystem is finally reaching a maturity state, know dapps devps have a toolkit to properly create and launch their products.

Thank you for your help to steemians. In addition to you @oracle-d helps steemit users much. I appreciate for your works. Thank you again

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Great post 😉

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