likwid works at payout time. Flags will decrease payout value, and therefore, likwid returns will be reduced too.

Ahh, okay that makes more sense... so basically just bypass delegation. When bidbots do it, it's basically just "investors" devaluing their own investment... I suppose this will act like "investors" buying stake at a discount. Could have better impact on the price, I suppose time will tell.

It bypass the 13 weeks power down time.

Are you sure about that? I see you paying out a lot more. I got the impression you are being used to circumvent the system by people who get flagged. I do not know how they do it, but you should check your records. Just today e.g. you paid out someone who gets flagged and downvoted every day. Post reward shows 2.8 USD. you paid 4.232 SBD plus 11.820 STEEM!!!!! In fact you pay him several times a day.

This sounds like an excellent service!

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