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Back in 2015, I was naive at talking to strangers on Skype. I didnt know that most of them are only after sexting or using women for sex. Years later, I was smarter. I would screen through requesting men (and boys) until I meet those who have same intentions as me which is meeting friends, learning through connecting or even improving my English.

A friend told me I was just wasting my time. But in truth, I was:

  1. Having fun. Some contacts are so funny and fun to talk to.
  2. Most are techie people. I am not tech savvy and I learned a thing or two from them
  3. I improved my confidence in communicating and improved my English

But the most important thing I learned is when a friend introduced me to "Mudras". Up to now I still use it to from simple things like treating a toothache, improving my mood, treating dizziness, detoxifying and healing my kidneys, getting to sleep. I am forever grateful to this man who shared this to me. I might never have come across it if it wasnt for him and Skype.pexels-photo-908289.jpeg

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