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RE: New Tribe on the Block | Announcing Lifestyle: Live & Share Your Best Life on the Steem Blockchain

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Cool stuff :D I don't think many people realize how special it is how many 'tiny personal lifestyle stories' Steemians share on this blockchain. It's often more personal than on other social media, and also often shared with strangers. Good luck on growing the project!


I wonder who these guys are. :) Hopefully, they are not some kind of scammers. :D Anyways, I took a risk and invested a bit... Let's see where this goes.

They will present themselves soon enough. If the one who created this account is involved/has advised about the proposed economics I think we're good ;-) Enjoy your investment!

I have the same thoughts as you. I'm also curious, who is the person behind this lifestyle project. because I don't know them yet, I don't buy a lot of lifestyle tribes. I only bought it a little. I don't want to take a big risk. I hope the lifestyle project will proceed as we all hope.

I don't think so.. Instead, I'm thinking about some well known user because it Sounds like a well planned project coming from someone with a good knowledge of how Steem works

Yea, it looks solid. :)

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Definitely not scammers haha. You could even check out our account, we're just powering up all the STEEM earned to upvote community content. We're not going anywhere and will certainly not pull a lino ;)

I didn't want to sound like a hater. :D Thank you for your answer guys. :) I wish you good luck. I think it was a good idea to buy those 20000 Lifestyle tokens and 250 Miners. :D It's a bit sad that you can not tell us who your really are, but I understand you have your own reasons. :) Actually, I am happy you came to the game because most of my posts are somehow #lifestyle related.

Best wishes from Lithuania! :D

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You don't sound like a hater at all! These are very valid questions, especially considering the past projects that have been on Steem :)

Completely agree. Blogging about lifestyle is so important and that is really the foundation that many other social platforms were built upon.

Twitter, for example, began as a way to tweet short messages about where you were going to eat or what movie you were going to see.

Instagram was (and still is) a mostly short-form place to share beautiful photos.

Thanks for your support, there are so many ways to build upon this idea of #lifestyle!

Twitter is not a good place,
When I was using him,
Every month, many friends are frozen by it.
so, Many people will not use it .
Because he will freeze the account casually.