Think about your priorities in life (short video)

in lifestyle •  last year

Do you really care about a raise, a promotion, a big car and a house with a white picket fence? Or do you care about something else - raising a family, building connections, leaving a legacy, creating something that you find cool? Take all the time you need. Think about it.

Watch the full episode here

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You're very welcome brother!

This was part of what I am now calling #payitforward, where I'll be sending new people and posts that I really enjoy, @randowhale votes and trying to inspire others to do the same :-)

I agree 100%. Thanks for having the guts to put this message out there, Kurt. I've pursued my art at all costs and at 66, looking back, I'm glad I did this. I have a huge body of work that I'm proud of, and many collectors have my work hanging in their homes and offices and enjoy it every day. It can be difficult to pursue your passion, but there's just no other way to really live.


Thanks @chessmonster. Congratulations on living your life on your terms.


Thanks, Kurt.

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