Why artists should quit their jobs and move to Thailand (video/podcast)

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For a lot of writers and other creative people, it's common to wake up with a clear purpose of creating something, yet somehow by 10pm, you'll always hear them mumble under their breath "shit!" They got distracted by work, taking care of bills and other day-to-day nonsense - so much that they didn't write a word or scribble a drawing towards their project. Perhaps it's always goes that way because so many people make their job a priority, when they should be making their work a priority - staying in the office 40 or 50 hours a week when their magnum opus gets a mere half hour.

If you have a project which is really important to you, you should find a way to make time for it. If you can't, then perhaps you need to re-organise your life so that project is at the forefront. You could start working part time, start working for yourself so you can set your own schedule, or even expatriate and live in a country where a minimum amount of dollars allows you to live comfortably.

In this episode, Kurt explains his tips for artists to be more productive - especially focusing on working less hours for others, and why living internationally may be a good option for many. Join us on another resignation-writing episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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Excellent video! Thank you for sharing!

Very good points! I've been considering expatriating for a while now, and this post really hit home.

I actually did quit my job and move to Thailand in 1999. Ended up running out of money and moving back to the US after 6 months. In those days the internet was still a new thing and we didn't have all these options to make a living online. I "needed" to get my degree, which is now sitting in a drawer quickly losing whatever relevance it might have once had. They are useful for getting work visas and jobs overseas, but since I run my own business now my degree has little value.

Nice episode with great advice! You're steering people in the right direction I think. Taking control of your own destiny is the path more and more people are going to have to walk as things become more automated. At least for a while, until we don't need jobs or money and creative self-expression becomes the default.


Thanks Ken! Things are changing for sure, and creativity is more important than ever. When Steemit came out I thought holy shit, the future is here, people get paid easily for content. Who knows where we might be in a couple of years.

This video hit home for me buddy wow, amazing! Sometimes i think to myself how fast life is flying by and how I'm stuck in this never ending rat race not living the kind of life I should be living and it makes me want to just pick my stuff up and leave. Wise and calculated moves will put me where I want to be in life, very soon. Blessings!

I would do it immediately if someone would give me a bit of money.


Maybe you should make your own bit of money.


Yes :))

Soooooooo tempting!