My Secrets of Well-being - CONTINUED

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Hey Steemers!

In one of my previous posts I started sharing some of my tips on feeling good and healthy.

I want to continue today with getting more insights on the superfoods that I'm taking and some hints on how to choose the right ones for you!

As before, a disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist or dietitian - I'm just a girl, who found her way to feeling good (and, hopefully, looking good too:) and wants to openly share it with the World!

Probably some of you know what superfoods are - very powerful plants, that contain lots of vitamins and necessary elements in an easy digestible form and are found in nature.

(photo by

I've been a fan of superfoods since about 5 years, and I can tell you than since then I rarely got sick (I hope it continues this way!:) and have much more energy for my crazy travels, relocations and keeping my family in order:)

I prefer to buy most superfoods from the brand Organic Burst. Not only cause I love the team that created it, the very helpful tips that they give and the convenient packaging, but mostly because of the sourcing. They really care where they get stuff from and it's also very transparent.

Just in case - I don't get paid for this and don't have a share in this business, as in any brand that I'm promoting on Steemit:)

So let's get started!

Today I want to tell you about Wheatgrass.

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This is basically a grass. Almost the same like the one that grows on your backyard. But better.

It actually does so much good stuff to your body that it's hard to list them all, but here are its main benefits:

  • Iron.

As wheatgrass is loaded with iron, that is not so easy to get from other foods, it helps your body produce more blood cells, which in turn helps deliver the nutrients to your body. And it helps the oxygen travel faster through your blood, which makes your energy levels spike! And this boost also increases healing process in case you got injured.

  • Chlorophyll

This powerful element which actually makes the plans turn green, is known to help fight inflammation, detoxify and clean the body from free radicals. This is why wheatgrass has been used in researches to fight cancer cells. And it also helps the body to cleanse itself and flush the chemicals and toxins from liver.

  • Enzymes and amino acids

These elements found in wheatgrass are known to help our body fight the pollutants and harmful elements that are present in almost everything we consume today, including the air we breathe.

Enough for you?

Then let's get juicing!!!

The easiest way to consume wheatgrass is to buy it powdered and drink it with water.

The best thing is to have a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass first thing in the morning.

What I usually do, as I am not ready to start my day with the taste of grass in my mouth, I drink some water with lemon when I wake up, and then I have some wheatgrass juice with my breakfast.

So just give it a try - I can't promise you'll enjoy the taste, but I am sure you will enjoy the RESULTS!!

If you feel that this is not working for you as a pure juice, you can add it to your cereal or smoothie.

What I love about Organic Burst is that they select the superfoods very carefully and you get the purest products possible. So you won't feel like you are chewing on grass from your backyard, its taste is very subtle.

Give it a try and remember -

You don't need to be a nerd or a super health freak to do these easy things to feel and look better!!

Stay tuned and healthy :)

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is it a delicious taste ? your face says otherwise))))


not really:) but I would probably have the same face if I try what's on your picture!