My Magic Tips for Feeling and Looking good!

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Today I wanted to approach an unusual topic for my public posts, but a very common one in my chats with friends - my way of healthy and balanced living.

Let me start with the disclaimer that I am not a sports addict with a perfect body, a fashion model or any other role model. I'm just a girl, who is feeling good, looking (hopefully!) good and wanting to share my experience with you!

And.. Gentlemen, this is not a post about cosmetics, 15-ingredients green smoothies recipes and two-hours yoga workout instructions. This is a me sharing VERY SIMPLE day-to-day tips of staying healthy and feeling good, applicable for everyone!

I'll probably split it in several posts, so let's get started with the drinks that keep me moving:

1 . Water

What a magical advice, no?:)

But I want to emphasize on drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

Water helps your body rehydrate after the night's sleep and lemon juice kicks off the detox process and helps your body to get ready for the breakfast.

2 . Matcha tea

This is my guilty pleasure and my secret to stay active throughout the day and detox at the same time!

No, you don't sniff it. You drink it.

Matcha tea is a traditional Japanese tea, which is a specific sort of green tea, blended into a powder.

The trick with matcha is that you not only drink the tea, but the leaf itself, which gives you this incredible boost of energy and 10 times more antioxidants than in regular green tea!

And it has so much good stuff in it, that it even helps prevent cancer.

If you are not crazy about it yet like I am to make it at home (you need some special tools for it), try it instead of your regular coffee! Now even Starbucks serves it (very average one though). I recommend starting with lightly sweetened matcha latte with almond milk.

And I will probably make a separate post about the best matcha places in New York :)

3 . Coconut water

I have started loving this water when I moved to the US.

At first I thought it's another marketing trick of selling something very useless with the image of making you very healthy. But with some research I found that it's actually a cool thing!

First of all, it is packed with electrolytes that our body loses after losing a lot of water. For example, after sweating in the workout... Or after a hangover. It really works!:)

Secondly, it helps keeping the appetite low and control your weight.

And finally it has a lot of fiber that helps digestion.

So no matter if you have eaten too much or drunk too much - it should help!

I usually buy the Harmless Harvest brand

That's it for today - I will soon make another post about my favorite superfoods.

Stay healthy and happy!

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Thank you for a beautiful comment :)

Very good work keep it up. Voilà my new post
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If we are healthy , we can have it all

good tips. I'd like to know where the best matcha places are in New York. maybe you can show us how to make matcha at home --what you need and the brand you think is best, that would be cool.


Thank you for your comments. I love Matcha Bar in Chelsea, on 14th st, then David's tea on Bleecker st and also Cha Cha Matcha in Chinatown. I'll share some tips in my next posts )

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How many litres of liquid (water, tea, coconut water) do you drink per a day?


I don't count, but I would say about 2l, where water is 80%. I would not say we have to target any particular quantities, but rather do what we feel is needed to stay hydrated