The Latest News on The Life Relearnt Project, 08-06-2018

I find myself second guessing if I'm seen as doing the right thing, what with all the frowning on self voting and voting circles. So I thought I'd lay things out clearly and honestly for the direction I'm going with @life-relearnt. I'm happy to take criticism and thoughts on anything.

Currently any posts on the educational theme will have the liquid SBD donated to @SchoolForSDG4 and Khan Academy. Any posts tagged #familyprotection will have all liquid SBD donated to @familyprotection. Update posts will be used to power up while the account is still small, so that @life-relearnt votes can gain value.

The main focus of upvotes will be supporting:


However I will support others who support us and some of the accounts we support. I will try to regularly assess where the votes are going on votes info. Some of the charity accounts don't dost post very often, so I've added some auto votes for comments from them for when I can't manually upvote.

I self vote posts on here, because it helps to support the accounts I support, admittedly not by much though! My personal account is @minismallholding and I do support that account from here as that account supports this one. I will start using @minismallholding to upvote the occasional comment from this account to try and help it grow a bit more.

Artwork by @svitlaangel


The latest stats:

Donated to @FamilyProtection to date: 138 SBD
Donated to @SchoolForSDG4 to date: 13.37 SBD
Raised for Kahn Academy to date: 14.61 SBD

Current Steem Power: 137.9
Current 100% upvote value: 0.02


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Many thanks for all your support - it is very much appreciated.

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You're very welcome. I can't offer much at the moment, but if I can help people like you by reaching more then hopefully it goes further.