One-Liner Life Mantra: Always Keep it Simple!

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My favorite and motivational one-liner mantra, keep it simple, has always proven to be helpful when it comes to making decisions related to finances, social activities and clothing/appearance.

In this part of world, the economic situation only put smile on the faces of a few citizens. A common saying here says and I quote, "cut your coat according to your cloth", this explains in a sense that, you have to do things especially in matter of finances according to the state of your wallet, bank account or what have you to avoid bankruptcy.
It is quite understandable that human needs are insatiable and numerous(according to the evaluation of the Economists), in that light, a scale of preference should be drawn on our needs.

Over the years, I just have to always keep it simple am not anti-social though, but I got to minimize my social activities, by so doing I don't put myself into unnecessary spendings.
What I need is what I put in budget,I prioritize them and I have always operated within my budget, I don't purchase what I do not need at the moment.

There is always a urge within to embrace what is trending or in vogue in the fashion world, but as long as my wears still look nice, I do not see any reason to change my wardrobe. I do my best to take care of my clothings and foot wears such that they do not get worn out quickly, this is personal perspective, so no one justifies me!
The same principle, I apply to my electronic gadgets.

My favourite mantra has aided me to stay from unnecessary debts and spendings.
Many need embrace this mantra so has not to appear irresponsible to what is needed to be catered for in the family and society.

I refer @gaintshoulder to look into this contest and participate.

Thank you @mermaidvampire for this organized contest which happens to be your first.

Keep soaring...

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I am the judge of @mermaidvampire's Life Mantra contest and I enjoyed this because it is one of those things that you don't really think about, but is very important.

Good luck,
Have a nice day ~ @cadawg [Judge]


Good to have you around @cadawg

nice!!my mantra is done is better than perfect


Yours make a whole lot of sense too.
@junebride, you got married in the month of June?😁


nope.. i got married on feb..but i like the term junebride...


Wow, that sounds interesting!

Glad you joined @mermaidvampire's contest. Its a very nice mantra. You're right. Keeping it simple saves people from debts. 😊


Its a pleasure @meetmysuperego.

Thank you for joining, @samal. Yes, indeed keeping things simple avoids complications and overthinking and overspending. We should only think about the necessary things. Thank you for sharing a good part of you here. I have followed you and resteemed your post via resteemable. I hope it gets more exposure and inspire a lot of Steemians. I see you have gained a few dollars for the post and that makes me happy, too. All the best and I'll see you around Steemit!


I must admit the fact that you inspired this out of me @mermaidvampire. Newbies on steemit do need encouragement, it feels good to know that you're a part of encouragers.
After this, if you need my help in anyway, be sure that I'll be glad to honor your invitation @mermaidvampire.
And by the way, why have you chose mermaid & vampire as your username😁?
Big love to you my friend!

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