One Liner Life Mantra: My Life Verse 💪

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Hi everyone! 😊

I have shared a lot about my life last week, with the hopes of reaching rightful readers to help with. It was about the shifts and changes that I have encountered along my life before I became the person I am now. If the topic interests you, you can read my post here.

This time, I would be sharing another life anchor of mine because of @mermaidvampire's contest about One Liner Life Mantra. I see great potential in this contest to be an avenue to encourage and inspire other people in this platform. I hope this contest will capture your interests also the same way as it captured mine. You can view the whole mechanics here.

So let me begin this post with my one line life mantra,

"So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries, today's trouble is enough for today."

Image Source

Some of you might be familiar with this sentence already because it is a verse taken from the Bible -- Matthew 6:34 or you might have bumped into this elsewhere like how I knew this. Well, I saw this from the internet via Google search year 2016. I didn't even know that this had existed in the bible and I thought this was all made up by some motivational speaker or author.

How did this become my life mantra?

Actually I never had a life mantra before, because I was just an as-it-is person. Whatever I like, I do -- that kind of person. Well, not until I had a hit from reality.

March 2016 was my graduation year in College after taking up BS Electronics Engineering for 5 years (thankfully) and that meant I was also 7 months away from the dreaded (yes, that's how I felt about it) Licensure Board Examination here in the Philippines.

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Licensure Board Examination
  • It is an examination spearheaded by the PRC (Professional Regulations Commission) in the Philippines to give license to professionals to practice their respective professions.

Why was it frightening for me?
It was indeed frightening because I set myself to pass it (and other people are expecting, too) and somehow I had doubts in myself. I was doubting if I could make it given that I had 7 months only to get familiar with all the subjects I studied for 5 years again and as a bonus, my course wasn't my choice. Imagine the effort of studying again the topics I wasn't comfortable with, example: finding out the voltage in a node or a resistor or an inductor (I'm not sure if what I just said are correct because the topics have slipped already from my memory bank, sorry.)

During the 6-month span of review period, I had the thought of detaching from my friends/classmates but persisted to be surrounded by them. For the first months, almost every night after review schedules, I spent it crying over the topics I haven't encountered during undergraduate and another crying session for the what ifs that may happen before/on/after the board exams.

Because the truth is, I haven't pictured out myself what would I become and what would I do after graduation. When I was an elementary til college, I was so sure and focused on finishing my education or graduating from college and be an engineer. That's all there is. I forgot to include myself sitting in a room and taking a board exam and what would I do in preparation for that day. That's what I have missed.

3 months away from the examination date
I opened the internet with the aim to rest from the tension I felt as the exam was fast approaching but God has other plans... I typed in Google and searched for a "don't worry qoute".

And I found this

Image Source

It was really timely and relevant for me. I really need it. It was as if God reminded me that He had already everything at hand. I almost felt a tear fell from my eyes facing the PC that I was using in an internet cafe if not because of my boyfriend's tap at the same time he asked, "Are you okay?".

The message and the moment, it really gave me a shake and it was as if I have seen through another set of vision. With that, I posted it as my cover photo in facebook to remind me.

I made it as my cover photo in FB.

It made me realize that my crying time was just a waste of time, my worries were a great hindrance for me to push myself during study sessions. Though I still have crying sessions at night, it was no longer because of what ifs in the future, rather it was already because of thankfulness and gratefulness for every accomplishments I have made for the day.

Sure, I may appear as cheerful as I could be in daily basis, because it is in my natural state to have such overflowing confidence, but yeps! Like you, I have my own struggles to battle with, too.

It was my cover photo until the results were out. Thankfully, I passed the exam! I got my license and I made my parents proud and happy.

Image Source

Now, that quote from then on, became my life mantra and my life verse. Everytime I wanted to do something for my life, I now remind myself with that qoute. With that verse, I found myself a sturdy anchor to continue pursuing things in my life, new things and new experiences. And that's how I manage to escape the tension from having a job related to my course. I no longer worry if I wasn't practicing my field in Electronics because now, I am convinced that I could still be successful in other industries.

I learned that the struggles we face everyday are within our capacities and all other struggles and pressures are for us to improve and be better than we used to.

I would like to refer also my friend @smaeunabs to share her life mantra. I know that this woman has really advanced herself compared to the last time we were classmates in high school. With that great improvement of hers, I believe she could share another valuable life mantra to all of us.

All in all, in relation to my life mantra, we should not worry for the future. We just have to give our all in the things we are going to do today. Our future depends in our activities we do today.

Let us not steal our better future in exchange for our worries of today. 🌈


I am the judge of @mermaidvampire's Life Mantra contest and I feel this is very relevant to me because I am currently in education doing my highers (finals) and plan on progressing to college.

Thanks for this motivational little mantra. It is a good one to know.

Have a nice day ~ @cadawg [Judge]

Thank you @cadawg! I am so glad to know that this post about my life mantra has been a good input to your current situation, too! Let's liberate ourselves from worrying to achieve more in our daily activities and objectives. I know you can make it, too! Congrats ahead in your finals in college!

Thank you very much! I wish you all the best in the future.

~ @cadawg

Hi, @namranna, another cebuana. I love Cebu and it's my second home, my second degree is from Cebu Normal. ;-) I love your mantra and how you end your post. Yep, we should not let worries take the best of us. Keep the positivity and thank you for sharing a good part of you with Steemit. I've followed you and will see more of your posts in the future. Keep Steemin'!

Resteemed your post via resteemable, hopefully it gets the exposure it needs and more love!

Thank you so much for appreciating @mermaidvampire! More power! ✨

Thank you so much for your kind words @mermaidvampire ❤️ I am so glad how my post brought an affirmative feedback from you. Truly, this contest of yours is a great initiative to share positivity in the platform! Thank you so much! God bless amd Steem on! Thank you for the follow, too. I am beyond thankful 💕

Yaaaay thank you for sharing this mantra with us man! indeed, taking board exam was one of the most challenging phases of our lives. I still remember the feeling of being full of worries and self-doubts. Those three days of waiting for the results were awful, but thank God, we were able to surpass it <3

I will be sharing mine as well :D Best of luck for this contest :D

Thanks shei! Looking forward for your entry as well! ❤️

Unfortunately, dli nako fit sa qualifications, for 50 and below rep lang but I'll be sharing mine soon. This is a great idea to share that one-liner quote that greatly motivates me :D

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