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We all get tired of life sometimes, most times, all the time... We forget to live. Having a dog changed all that for me.

We as a family decided to get a dog. Three years ago Bruno came into our lives. Bruno is half Jack Russell, half Shihtzu so basically he's a Jackshit! That's really why we got him. Richard thought it would be funny when we get asked what breed he is!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 21.15.17.png
Our little Bruno with his fabulous underbite- all dressed up for Valentine's

Guess where I buried the bone mum? Aren't you so proud of me?

Lily told us we should have gotten a Bullshit.. Can you guess what mix breed that would be?

Bruno had a lovely temperament when he was a pup. He was so cute and socialised well. All that changed when I became a childminder. Bruno got really jealous and protective and that somehow led him to become anxious and aggressive. We do get frustrated at times but we love him nevertheless. He is family after all!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 21.16.11.png
Bruno checking out the web. I hope he's not shopping!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 21.18.43.png
I had a fancy dress party for my 50th and this was Bruno in his outfit. Isn't he amazing?... hehe

He's so clever and can do so many tricks, thanks to You Tube! I am not able to show you because I don't know how to upload videos! aaaarrrghhhhhh!

Even though he's a little $h!+ and have pulled my family in different directions because suddenly everyone's a dog whisperer, I have him to thank for tearing me away from my chores and to remember what living is about.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 14.41.07.png
The pond at Cannon Hill Common

If not for Bruno, I wouldn't have met people within my community. If not for Bruno I would not have known we have a beautiful park near where we live. If not for Bruno we would not have visited other parks to appreciate beauty around us.

Thank you Bruno!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 14.43.29.png
The haunting tree that I visit often when we walk Bruno at Cannon Hill Common

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 14.41.50.png
Deer sunbathing at Bushey Park

Elegant ducks & swans swimming at Morden Hall Park which is Heritage Park

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Three of the 12 dogs on the Titanic survived.


Wowsers! I didn’t even realise there were dogs on the Titanic!

Looking Fierce.

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That’s because he’s my bodyguard! 😂😂😂

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He’s a cutie, but you should have shared his puppy photos too!


Thanks I will but that will be another blog altogether or maybe even several! LOL!

Upvoted. You may wanna try #dpet in your future Douggy post

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Thanks @davidke20! What does #dpet mean? This is so new to me! 😰


Decentralized. Talk about pet. You may click on the tag and find out others how they get curated. I don't use it because I already have little humans at home which I can't afford to take my eyes off for one second or the house will be turned around.😩

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Thank you for your advise @davidke20! Much appreciated! Btw I am a childminder and have little humans at home too so I know exactly how you feel!

Cannot. Resist. Cuteness. Reee.

Pets are like that - they have nothing to worry about so they know about living more than any of us do :) glad that your puppy reminded you on what living is really about.

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Thanks @lilacse! I hope you take time to live too! x

Bruno is so so so cute!
And all your photos are awesome!
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And for Wednesday, we have the WednesdayWalk by @tattodjay


Bruno says thank you! and thanks for the tip @elizacheng xxx


You are most welcome. There are actually many many themes out there in the Steemit Universe. Just need to find out which one(s) suits you and you will be able to find friends who share the same passion as you. 😉

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Thanks a million!