An addition to our family!

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Hello there Steemhumans!

Meet my nephew baby Edward. The first child of my cousin. He is 9 days old, born on March 28, 2018, at 11:31 am. He is 3.3 kgs, big enough that my cousin wasn't able to make it in a normal delivery thus she underwent a C-section. He is very healthy and adorable.

From Albay, I traveled 4 hours to see this baby boy. My travel was a bit stressful but seeing this little angel removed all the stress and tiredness in me. As soon as I arrived, I carried him in my arms, he smiled at me and I know that he is happy to meet me. Everything in him was perfect. His eyes, his nose, his small lips, his flawless skin, small nails and long legs, I know he will grow up as a handsome man. I loved watching him smiling while sleeping, they said that babies smile while sleeping because angels are playing with them in their dreams or they are listening to the whispering of angels.. I could still remember when I was still a kid, my aunt leaves her baby, my cousin in the bed sleeping. About an hour later when aunt checked on him, we were surprised to see my cousin on the floor, we never heard him cry and he was still sleeping tight with the pillows on the floor. My aunt told me that an angel might have saved him from falling by putting pillows on the floor. There were only two of us that time, so who would do it anyway?

Babies are the greatest gift from God, he gave life and their destinies are already in their hands. Some are destined to become a successful Businessman who will bring a good economy or might be a great Doctor, Architect, Engineer, Teacher, Athlete, Artists who will bring pride to their country. I'm wondering what will be the future of my nephew :) Is he going to be a politician? A Businessman? Perhaps a model and public figure? I'm excited. hehe ^_^

Thank you for dropping by!

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Woooow, congrats to your cousin for giving birth to such beauty


Thank you :) @kwinesther

Congrats! Beautiful picture 🤗


Thank you @cooknbake :)

he's so cute:-)


Thank you Sir ^_^

Beautiful God bless you and fill you with eternal health thanks for introducing you in this beautiful family of steemit, best regards @wondersofnature, all the effort and stress goes to see that little angel!


Super! Thank you @cplvictoria!

@wondersofnature indeed holding a baby is a wonder to behold


Agree! He is a beautiful gift that I wouldn't want to let go of my arms :)

congratulations! babies are indeed gifts from God :)


Thank you :)


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Gratulations! He is really cute :).


Thank you :)

Sooooooooo cute new baby....

babies are indeed a gift from God and a miracle. So what's his name? I didn't see u mention it