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There is a feeling that when doing nothing or when relaxing, will feel more tired, no energy.

I never understand why, and I don’t think I will understand in the near future.

The feeling here is when you have no task assigned to you, or you have no plan for yourself. Since there is nothing to do, we should feel lighthearted, rather than more tired.

When I think back to my past experiences, I seem to notice something.


I had this feeling when I have nothing to do, because I feel anxiety and sorrow, resulting in lack of energy, and feel tired. It seems reasonable to say so, after all, when you are anxious, your energy is always consumed faster, easy to feel tired is also reasonable. But it should just be mental, not physical.

Most of the times, not only the mental will get tired, but the body will also get extremely tired, or even uncomfortable.

I can't figure out why during the holidays are more tiring than going to work, and when there are no tasks, it's more tiring than when there are more tasks. This is a strange situation because it is very different from what I perceive.

When I was young, I feel tired because I played for a whole day, or help with the house chores. I don’t want to move and the whole body will feel uncomfortable.

In my cognition, when a person has no activity or movement, we should not feel tired.

Mental exhaustion is due to energy consumption, physical exhaustion is due to physical exertion, in fact, there is no problem with this understanding.

But why is there another inexplicable question about why does when doing nothing for a whole day, we will feel more tired?

When I started to think about it, maybe it was because I felt that my body would have some discomfort, back pain, shoulder pain, eye pain, or even headache, that’s why I feel tired.

So, I closed my eyes, lay on the bed, put down my phone and started thinking about it.

After resting for a while, I felt better, so I picked up my phone again.

I seem to understand something, in fact, I am not that relaxed, Although I did not do anything, and did not think of anything, I've been doing one thing, that one thing I've ignored: playing with my phone.


Why I ignored it because it has become part of my habits. Like drink water when you are thirsty, find something to eat when you are hungry, pick up the mobile phone when has nothing to do. So reasonable, so accustomed. But playing with mobile phone is also doing something, and it's a tiring thing to do. Hold the phone, keep a posture and consume energy; Stare at the screen, receive information, and consume brain power.

In fact, unconsciously, it has been constantly consuming our physical strength and energy, no wonder that you will feel tired.

But a lot of times, I just ignore the thing about playing with my phone. So when you don't do anything, it's easier to feel tired. In fact, I have been very "busy", even busier than when I was working. Because when I work, I will rest. But playing mobile phone will not, I won’t be interrupted when playing mobile phone.

So the fact is not that you feel tired when you are doing nothing, but you are really busy and make yourself feel tired.

Try to recall those time when you feel tired but doing nothing, is there a phone or a computer on your hand.


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Pick up the phone when nothing to do has become a habit now which I'm trying to avoid because end up wasting so much time on the phone.

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