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RE: Why I Hate Job Interviews

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lol, can't agree more on your sharing. And you know what we face in Hong Kong?

Sometimes the employer request is to write the expected salary on the CV. Well, I think that's fine. And one day the HR call is and ask us to have a interview and go through all those stupid process. And than they ask: well, you seems suitable for this job, but we can't afford your salary requested. Can you drop a little bit about 15%? I feel like what the hell you are doing? If you cannot afford my salary request, why did you call me out and have that interview? Don't you think time is treasure?


haha that's horrible
you should just write a number 15% above what you'll settle for :)
actually that's not quite the correct maths is it? :p

Thats a fact about salary you mentioned there. I believe its a HR trick what they do intentionally either to test you or to get your skills at a cheaper. Most of the candidate will agree with them and took the job at a lower salary as they are already mentally prepared to take the job.

If the candidate disagree, HR still has the chance to hire him at his/her asking salary. So they got nothing to loose.

In negotiations, the first person to show their hand is always at a disadvantage.

Oh not to mention in Hong Kong, some insurance company would open an advertisement for say "Account manager" or some back office job title with attractive salaries. But when you go up to interview they start to persuade you that working a fix office job won't get you anywhere to get rich, and start telling you becoming a insurance sales would be a much more rewarding job.
So guess what, they are actually just hiring more people to sell their product, via the employee's personal network. That back office/ manager positions never even existed.

Oh, I've had that kind of garbage happen to me in the States too. It's an international phenomenon, I'm sure.

People will do anything for money I guess haha

If that was the case, saying no to that question would not be such a bad thing. Showing a strong opinion on what you think your skills are worth may give them a good their impression.

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