Shivom - Decentralized database of human DNA!

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Recently, there is a vast number of new startups and projects. Many of them merely copy each other and can not offer anything new and truly valuable to the world and humanity. But I found an entirely new project that develops one of the most necessary products in the modern world, capable of changing one of the most critical areas - genomics!

Companies to study the genetic code of a person, store all information related to DNA research in their centralized databases. Many scientists cannot entirely solve the problem of combating incurable diseases, due to the lack of necessary data.
Shivom can change the existing sphere of medicine and solve the main problem - the fight against hereditary and incurable diseases.
Modern medicine is on the verge of the next stage of development with the introduction of new technologies, such as blockchain, which can significantly improve the current structure of the development of medicine and pharmacology.

After a detailed study of the technical documentation, I understood how prospect this project is and what it can offer to its investors and humanity as a whole, let's analyze the details in more detail:

What creates Shivom and what are the benefits of using it?

Shivom develops a secure decentralized database who work on the latest developments in genomics and blockchain technology that will contain all the necessary information about the DNA of almost everyone people.

With the help of Shivom, absolutely everyone will be able to manage their information about the genetic code and monetize their data. We will be able to exchange information about DNA with the revolutionary manufacturers of biotechnology, health and with research institutes. That will significantly affect the quality and speed of research, as well as the development of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures that combat the most complex and incurable diseases. After all, the genetic code of each person contains unique data that can significantly change medical research.

Imagine that it is in your genetic code that information is stored that can solve the problem with the treatment of one of the most severe diseases and can help many people. You can transfer this information to a decentralized database and receive a reward. This is one of Shivom essential goals, enabling people to manage their genetic data and get paid for it. Today, many research centers hold such information in closed access and receive vast amounts of money, while their donors do not receive anything for their unique data contained in their DNA.

Thus Shivom can break down the barriers associated with centralization and lack of information, as well as bring medicine to a new level!

How will this look in real life and why are OmiX tokens needed?

Suppose I am a regular donor in a local clinic and I donate blood for transfusions every three months. For such services, an average of $ 10. But agree that this amount is negligible, is not it? Well that this Shivom ecosystem will be and for my blood data and genetic code, I can earn much more significant amounts. After all, it will not only be a clinic but also pharmaceutical companies, research centers, government agencies and much more that can create new drugs, explore new treatments for hereditary diseases and much more.

What is most interesting, we will receive rewards in the OmiX cryptocurrency. We will be able to use it both for buying any services in the ecosystem and selling cryptocurrency on the exchange. And as we know the currency is continually growing, the market is quite young, and there will be at least several tens of trillions of dollars. Therefore, we can save the earned tokens, to increase our capital. Ordinary donors can become passive investors, is not it great?

Let's briefly consider the details of ICO:

Token Name: OmiX
Price: 1 OmiX = 0.0775 USD
Hard Cap: $ 40 000 000
Token sale: 16.04.2018 - 16.05.2018

Shivom will revolutionize the field of Genomics!

In conclusion, I want to note that this idea will develop well due to the ever-growing audience, more and more people and medical organizations will connect to this ecosystem. We are such beings, we must, and we want to help each other, but sometimes we face obstacles. With Shivom, these barriers will be destroyed, and we will be able to share our genetic data for the benefit of each other and at the same time will be rewarded accordingly. With the help of our efforts and the professionalism of developers, the world of medical services that we are accustomed to will be improved before our very eyes. We will see how new medicines for incurable diseases are developed, how our friends or relatives are cured of fatal diseases, how our women give birth to healthy children. Our world will become much better thanks to Shivom because we are unique creatures on this planet, which deserves more!

Despite the fact that the sale of tokens has not yet begun, there is a loud buzz around the project and a lot of discussions. The project has every chance of getting into the top 100 cryptocurrency at an early stage after the release of the tokens. If you support my opinion about the project and are interested in buying OmiX tokens, you can see the information on the following links and register in whitelist on the official website.

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nice post friend

Отличная статья на английском языке! Смогла понять без переводчика, все просто и доступно объяснено!


Я рад, у вас очень хорошее владение английским в таком случае ;)

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Сложную задачу поставили разработчики. Успеха им.


Зато если выстрелит - спасут миллионы жизней.


хорошо бы - выстрелило!

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Very nice project!

I support this project to finish

Very interesting, the human body is amazing and the science too.


I agree with you


Not only that is amazing. The most important thing is that genetics will now become available to everyone and many problems will be solved.


It is wonderful to have such a personalized database when we think about recovering lost health, of course that opens a very large door to situations that entail the need for impeccable ethics, so as not to generate more problems than those already existing or pre-existing.


I agree with you. I believe the project will be successful.

A very promising idea that can help many people get rid of various diseases easily!


Agree with you, and therefore I single out this project in one of the best!

Nice marketing article. I see your getting into ICOs.
Once again i havent heard of this one. Cool concept, i will look into it.


Be sure to study, and I advise you to participate in the ICO.

Very well, you have described everything, the most important thing is clear from the first time. I have not studied the project yet, but I understand that it has a great future! What they are doing is really very necessary for mankind!

Интересный текст, возникает интерес к проекту!

Great idea for the team! It remains to wish you success in the implementation of your plan!

Thanks for the project. look really good
i m pretty sure that coin has good potential.

Good article, I'm very interested in this project, I will participate! Thanks for the info)