SARS was 600 in 8 months, coronavirus 800 in 2 months.

Many people are unaware that SARS and MERS are coronaviruses. COVID-19 is a different species of SARS, basically, like Rhesus and Green Monkeys are different species of monkeys.

SARS vaccination specifically affects COVID-19 because of this.


I think it's a bit premature to be fear mongering about vaccines given the first articles you produced having found the man coming out and saying he jumped the gun and was a bit premature.


Dr. Lyons-Weiler isn't anything more than a messenger of this information, just as am I. If you follow the first link, you will find multiple peer reviewed papers that all reveal SARS vaccines have caused greater harm to vaccinated subjects without exception.

You will then see that I have quoted the Library of Congress of the USA regarding China implementing mandatory vaccination on the same day the first patient fell ill with COVID-19.

Below that you will find several articles ordered by date discussing China using SARS vaccines on it's people.

None of that is subject to me or Lyons-Weiler changing our minds, or matters of opinion. Those are all matters of historical, public record, and peer reviewed science regarding tests of SARS vaccines that all performed the identical way: they caused greater harm in the vaccinated individuals of the exact symptoms that are killing most of those that die in China from COVID-19.

Do read the suggested links, since you seem not to have before making your comment. The video also presents information from those peer reviewed studies as well as human trials on infants in which children died the same way. It's pretty solid evidence and not my opinion.


You are a dog faced pony liar, you never read shit from the only reliable source given on one of his links, if you had you'd come across this:

Nine patients with viral pneumonia and negative for common respiratory pathogens, who presented to at least three hospitals in Wuhan, were included in this study. Eight of the patients had visited the Huanan seafood market before the onset of illness, and one patient (WH04) did not visit the market but stayed in a hotel near the market between Dec 23 and Dec 27, 2019 (table). Five of the patients (WH19001, WH19002, WH19004, WH19008, and YS8011) had samples collected by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which were tested for 18 viruses and four bacteria using the RespiFinderSmart22 Kit (PathoFinder, Maastricht, Netherlands) on the LightCycler 480 Real-Time PCR system (Roche, Rotkreuz, Switzerland). Presence of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV was tested using a previously reported method.14 All five CDC samples were negative for all common respiratory pathogens screened for. Four of the patients (WH01, WH02, WH03, and WH04) had samples collected by BGI (Beijing, China), and were tested for five viruses and one bacterium using the RespiPathogen 6 Kit (Jiangsu Macro & Micro Test, Nantong, China) on the Applied Biosystems ABI 7500 Real-Time PCR system (ThermoFisher Scientific, Foster City, CA, USA). All four samples were negative for the targeted respiratory pathogens.

You know what that means or do I have to spell it out for you?....I'll spell it out anyway. That means the patients infected with COVID19 exhibited no SARS or MERS in their bodies....which means not naturally or not from a vaccination as they would have found the antibodies.

The articles goes on a quite lengthy, all thanks to you I had to spend my time reading and deciphering it all, to explain all the what seems like zillions, or at least to me seemed as such or might have well said, of test run against every known virus ever put in the data bases, again thank you very much, (/s), only to come to the conclusion at the end that this virus does originate from bats where the virus has mutated, then when to infect another source, which at the time they hadn't figured out but now we know it's some frickin' ant eater. What this guy did was cherry pick exerts from the article while REAL scientist were trying to rule out what it wasn't with what it was...but that still had that "third host" gap at that time. Then the nut case takes some shit from over a decade old and starts fear mongering about a vaccine when all it ever said was, and I am sure during a lot of medical studies with mice many studies with them prove regardless of what they are studying, ....we do not recommend you do this and here is the reason why. So they scratch that off the drawing board. The plain fact that they found absolutely no SARS or MERS in these nine patients pretty much confirms he hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about.

What the scientist are the most worried about is whats driving the rapid speed of transmission....(at the time they wrote that article) what mutated in the two different bat viruses closely aligned, what was the missing link (ant eater?) and what role could it play to host out a whole new faster spreading virus?

In conclusion, we have described the genomic structure of a seventh human coronavirus that can cause severe pneumonia and have shed light on its origin and receptor-binding properties. More generally, the disease outbreak linked to 2019-nCoV again highlights the hidden virus reservoir in wild animals and their potential to occasionally spill over into human populations.

Now with that said if what he was saying held any truth no one would be a survivor as anyone who got any claimed vaccine would all die. There has also been deaths outside of China and, you were slow on the uptake of this one, they never got a vaccine from China and they also died from pneumonia. Plus Ralph ordering a mandatory vaccine regiment does not mean they meant for a specific vaccine or new vaccine. Granted I did not go look to see if China had a mandatory child vaccine schedule like the US but maybe they didn't and they implemented one, or maybe they, like in many other places there are a growing number of people not getting them and now they want them to know it's absolutely required. I mean really, think about what this guy is saying, which is that despite the evidence China went ahead and forced people to get a vaccine based on poor scientific research that showed that a particular vaccines for the SARS virus when confronted with any other number of virus a person could catch would cause death within a matter of days. Really Ralph? One of the most slave labor driven economic machines in the world and their going to force a vaccine on their slaves based on science that says: Don't do that or else.

I watched a program today I recorded after seeing a commercial that they were going to interview a US Senator on what was going on with China and the virus. Sen. Tom Cotton said that so far China has refused all help from the US, up to and including sending the CDC Specialist over there. He has a greater concern because from what he said was he does not believe the virus originated at the sea food market and that the virus was brought there, he didn't mean deliberately but he had concerns in regards to the bio lab down the road, that concern arises more out of the fact they've refused help and as to why. He said they don't have all the answers yet when it comes to this virus and how it manages to spread so quickly or why it's so contagious. Again though it's all speculative because of the "unknowns". If you go by what the scientist said in the Lancet article there is one known, that is of the nine patients none of them tested positive for SARS or MERS, which I am gathering would give Sen. Cotton more pause as it may have serious consequences as this may or could have the potential to be involved in bio weaponry. Again, this is all speculative, but the take away from it all is this: If the best in the industry doesn't know all that we are dealing with I am sure this nut case anti vaxer hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about at this juncture.

I appreciate your strong feelings on this matter. Thanks for being forthright.

However, I am not a liar. You haven't understood the science, nor did you look at the video or the links showing that China did vaccinate it's people for SARS.

Not everyone dies, and your claim that if it was true that the CoV vaccines caused this problem they would if they had been vaccinated is false. Your claim that they have not been vaccinated if they don't have SARS or MERS in them is false.

"Inactivated MERS-CoV vaccine appears to carry a hypersensitive-type lung pathology risk from MERS-CoV infection that is similar to that found with inactivated SARS-CoV vaccines from SARS-CoV infection."

That is not from Dr. James Lyons-Weiler. He's not making shit up. The scientists that did this study in 2016 are Agrawal, Tao, Algaissi, Garron, Narayanan, Peng, Couch, and Tseng. You'll notice neither I nor Dr. Lyons-Weiler are in that list. The above quote is their statement, which I cite. I didn't write it. It's what their research shows, and if you're going to call folks liars, you'll better go to the source of the statement you disagree with.

I'm just a messenger.

The fact is that peer reviewed research shows that vaccines for coronaviruses cause sensitization to the virii later, and make infections with those viruses worse. The current virus causing the epidemic in China contains the same spike that SARS and MERS do, and has the same problem with vaccines. All three of these viruses are coronaviruses.

I wish that wasn't true, but facts don't care about my wishes.

I wish you all the best.

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, all that means is that when they developed an inactive vaccine and injected into lab animals carrying the live virus it has a virulent effect. It doesn't mean that someone once vaccinated against the Sars virus, or someone sick with the Sars virus or any other virus prompted it, it meant that they couldn't use the same typical vaccine method of using a killed virus to develop a vaccine to kill the live virus inside the mice without it affecting the lungs. They found the exact same problem when trying to develop a vaccine for Sars, Sars killed virus reacted virulently with the live virus. That's why Ralph there's been no vaccine for Sars or Mers found to this very day. They haven't figured out how to accomplish it yet.

Now they've changed the name from COVID 19 to Sars COV 2 as they think now that the SARS virus has mutated into this new SARS COV 2.

No, that's not what it means. When they give a lab animal a SARS vaccine, it makes antibodies just like they want. When it get a coronavirus, the disease is massively worse for the lab animals that have been vaccinated.

Read the links @sunlit7.

They vaccinated for SARS years ago.

SARS CoV-2 is the name of the virus. COVID-19 is the name of the disease. It's stupid, I agree.

!DRAMATOKEN (Would love to certify this for being premature, @dramatoken)

Thanks for the shout out! yeah, this is getting bad - I have a feeling, that in a months time, it will be all anyone talks about. But if that thing about the spike protein is right, and that mandatory vaccine in dec in China is right, then maybe it can be contained. Although of course, very sad since so many people suffering in China - I have seen some horrific videos out of there.

This entire epidemic, all the loss of life, suffering, and hardship, is entirely the fault of the CCP.

I saw a post on 4chan just now that claims Wuhan has seceded, and has formed it's own government. I'm not saying I believe it - we both know 4chan is full of larpers - but I don't think that if they did it would make their situation worse.

I'd much rather die from being shot than welded into a room to either die of pneumonia or starve to death. Xi and all his bootlickers should be hanged, and as soon as they're cut down the WHO should follow them.

Censorship caused this outbreak to become a pandemic, and they're just doubling down on it every day.

Sorry about the rant =p Psychopaths make me angry.

Anyway, love your work. Keep it up!