If you find the Aladdin lamp, what you will want to accomplish

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If you find the Aladdin lamp, what you will want to accomplish

Aladdin's lamp is the myth that never leaves our imaginations, and is usually in our minds most of the time, because we think if we find the lamp of Aladdin what are our most important and most important safety?

It may be the first thing we think of money, a car, or a luxury house. It's up to what each of us needs. The aspirations and dreams of other people may be completely different than we expect. There may be people who wish to be on their feet or hear their voices. Wishful thinking According to the priorities of each person we may meet in some of them and disagree in some others, but have you thought for a moment what you will need to reap the lamp, have you thought to be restricted to a certain number of wishes if it is your first wish?

Did you think that you may be afraid of the shape of the lamp, but the shape of the lamp, but it is of great importance when it comes to achieving our dreams and the other is why we attached to that old myth and whether the realization of our dreams is impossible to this degree, or we want to reach it But we must always remember that the magic lamp is just a myth, and that the real genie capable of achieving our dreams resides within us, our determination and determination to reach our dreams and that all the obstacles we will face will be broken or M determination and strength carry us and our quest to achieve our aspirations and our dreams, and in the end I hope that everyone can achieve their dreams and be able to find one of the Aladdin lamp and send it to the nearest time to realize some of the wishes I am also.



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If I had found the aladin lamp, I would have thought of a carpet plane ;))

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It depends if I have three wishes or if we return to the more previous belief that wishes are not restricted.

I would definitely think of house and money. Money are a currency, a thing which can be exchanged for anything else. Wanting money is not bad as long as the desire does not consume you.

If I found Aladin, I will definitely tell them to show me all the upcoming exam papers. because I don't want to study more at late night. ;)

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