How to be ambiguous

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How to be ambiguous

Mysterious personality

Is one of the characters that are difficult to detect and know the preferred literature, so the mysterious person is the focus of attention and exciting, so many people try to acquire this character in their behavior and behavior, and we will mention in this article the character of the mysterious person, and learn how to make up this character.

Mysterious character traits

  • The use of unconventional words: It is the creations of the character of the mysterious answer to the questions of others by attracting non-traditional answer, which is not just words and forgotten by everyone.

  • Lack of speech: The mysterious person is always characterized as a little talk, and says only the necessary thing, the mysterious person as a secret to the secret, does not recognize the reality and things that it does.

  • Doubt: It is one of the negative aspects of the mysterious character, and the state of doubt may reach the highest degree, the mysterious person may refrain from sleeping if you suspect a loved one, and often the suspicions of the mysterious person is incorrect, and therefore is in many problems and errors.

  • Gravity: The character of the mysterious person is one of the most attractive characters, when the man is mysterious women attracted to his magic and strong presence, the dreams of many women's dreams are vague, and it is possible that women have the heart of the mysterious man after the unraveling, and learn the secrets and go into the deep sea.

  • Avoid teamwork: It is the character of the mysterious person avoid teamwork and participation, so the mysterious person is a little creativity and thinking in the areas of work, despite the strength of his great observation, the teamwork needs to share ideas and clarify, but the mysterious character lacks this, so prefer the mysterious man individual work , And small projects that rely on individual creativity without the need for many people or groups to participate.

  • Contradiction: The ambiguous character is often contradictory, and often raises questions about her behavior or when talking to a mysterious person.

  • Preserving a great distance and privacy: Character traits of the mysterious lack of knowledge of personal information and privacy about them, and difficult to access easily, and not knowing where else to go to at all times.

  • Choose friends carefully: It is difficult to give full confidence or love and honesty to someone of the mysterious character, and they are given this after passing through a long experience with them not less than a year, so a great effort must be made to win the confidence and love of the mysterious person.

  • Calm: The mysterious person often controls his temper and controls his feelings, does not show his passion in particular, and is calm, and psychological stability, and love to sit in quiet places, and listen to music.

By Rinad Assabah


Awesome..... I really enjoyed reading through this, as a person I always recieve numerous complains about my mysterious character and silence but I always find it hard to explain to them as the personality is only natural to me. At a point I considered changing myself or working on my personality to blend in with the rest. But this post has just changed everything as I now know that there is someone who can relate to my personality and probably understand me... Great post. Steem on. I also invite you to my blog to read a little about African music. Much love from over here.

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