I noticed there hasn't been any Jimmy Dore show posts to Steemit / DTube in a while, just wanted to say, I'm hoping The Jimmy Dore Show will give Steemit / DTube an other try in the future. I'd rather look here for new posts, as opposed to YouTube.

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in no case is intolerance accepted. We need free speech, get back to our Constitution, restore our Republic, end the Fed, do public juries to try the criminals since the U.S. Federal Courts can no longer be trusted, prosecute Jeff SESsions, Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Peter Strzok, Hillary, Obama, John Brennan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the SES crime syndicate and the SERCO take over of the U.S. and other criminals.

Mother Liberty.

(IFF) you don't have a reason (THEN) you are by definition an un-reasonable person (a person who acts without reasons).

(IFF) you claim to have a reason but refuse to reveal it, claiming it is secret, or unimportant, or "just too complicated to explain" (THEN) your unrevealed reason is functionally-indistinguishable from NO reason (AND) you are therefore functionally-indistinguishable from an un-reasonable person (a person who acts without reasons).

Protesting without dialogue (with the sole intent to silence opposition) is harassment, not free speech.

Tolerance & peace can only be maintained if everyone sticks to it. So most of the time in society, it's about choosing not to escalate (aka dropping down to their level), but to disarm & remediate by using an intelligent response .

Yo, keep posting! They are going to get this right, do not give up!

The fact that people fall into the drama of the 'news' and fight each other is pretty sad anymore. If people can't see we are being purposely divided so we go after each other and not the real powers that run this country, I don't know what to say to them anymore. There is no reason for people to not realize the politicians are just puppets and do what they are told. Nothing changes from administration to administration. With the information we have now and the amazing researchers who put out great reports, there is no excuse for still believing that our country is a democracy.

With that said, people are allowed to have their own feelings and views and beliefs. If someone wants to be a nazi or dislike gay people, that is their choice. It's a sad, sick society when we try to make everyone think and feel the same way everyone else does. The people who demand tolerance are themselves, intolerant.

Inaction is action, no choice is a choice, and absolute tolerance is impossible. If you have no choice but to choose, why not choose intolerance towards intolerance?

Your audio sounds horrible muffled the last couple of days (end of October 2018).
With the old 'settings', if any, seemed a lot better, at least to me..

What do you think about turning TYT into a consumer cooperative, to ensure that in the long run TYT never becomes like MSNBC? In a few years or decades at some point the founders will inevitably leave the company, and be replaced by new people, who may not share the original vision. To make sure that those replacements do actually keep on doing progressive politics, we could literally sell TYT to its audience, stock by stock. To make sure it doesn't become just another "corporation", you only allow each person to own up to 10 shares, and then each person gets one vote in electing the board. That is very similar to how German cooperative banks, called "Volksbanken" (people's banks) are run, owned by millions of people democratically in their community. Plus it would give TYT a good cash boost, and the members would also potentially get a dividend, if they vote for it of course.

I really think it's necessary to give the grassroots real power at TYT on an institution level, as well as an ownership level. Plus, it would make collectives more well-known, which I believe probably all of the moderators like. Oh, and it would be great PR and kinda fun.

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