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RE: Should A Tolerant Society Tolerate Intolerance?

in #life2 years ago

The fact that people fall into the drama of the 'news' and fight each other is pretty sad anymore. If people can't see we are being purposely divided so we go after each other and not the real powers that run this country, I don't know what to say to them anymore. There is no reason for people to not realize the politicians are just puppets and do what they are told. Nothing changes from administration to administration. With the information we have now and the amazing researchers who put out great reports, there is no excuse for still believing that our country is a democracy.

With that said, people are allowed to have their own feelings and views and beliefs. If someone wants to be a nazi or dislike gay people, that is their choice. It's a sad, sick society when we try to make everyone think and feel the same way everyone else does. The people who demand tolerance are themselves, intolerant.


Inaction is action, no choice is a choice, and absolute tolerance is impossible. If you have no choice but to choose, why not choose intolerance towards intolerance?

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