A new Cafe in Downtown Blr - A new place to unwind in the neighbourhood.

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Saanchi - The antique store, Kanjivaram Saree store and The Cafe.

In the last three years I have been living in this neighbourhood, in downtown bengaluru, I have seen this building come up since its inception and I always had the impression of some great house being built - very Indian and significantly historical in its feel. Being an architect myself the curiosity always shot up, the more it came close to its finishing -the more intrigued I was - circular windows, tinted Belgian glass, ancient Indian columns with carved capitals, traditional south Indian tile roof and earthy colour.

And well these curiosities were just hidden in some corner of my mind as I thought it was someone’s house, so I shall never know how it is.


Well things changed last night. I was on a usual walk that I take after my dinner, an unwinding routine for me to be away from all the mundaneness of the world and be by myself, and I see a signage popping out of this place - THE CAFE. I am like what on earth is this ? The second sign says - an antique store and the third sign follows - a kanjivaram saree store. While I was still absorbing this, I thought lets come back tomorrow for a brunch and check it out.

A beautiful day on the onset of spring in blr, soft sun, light breeze and a weekend to look forward to, I leisurely pack my jhola around 11 and leave my house to explore this place ready to do something.

As I enter the place, I am taken aback by the scale and volume of objects, Its like warehouses of Jew street from fort kochi just crawled into blr and tried to fit itself completely in this 3 storied building. One after the other insane antiques from all around the country can be found.


I admire the thought put into while designing the architecture as well as the interiors of the place. the relationship of the windows with coloured glass and display of furniture in relationship to it.


So, the 2nd floor houses the saree store. I dint check it out but it did look something fancy and good quality stuff.



Coming to the Terrace, I finally reach the cafe, and the best part is the feeling you get is as if you just went up to the terrace of your own house. 7 small tables with chair, lots of plants with beautiful flowers and the amazing tile roof filtering the afternoon sun.

The delicious panini and a pot of Darjeeling tea.

A swing to relax and chill out with classic 90’s music in the background, a book rack with varieties of books offer you the best homely feel you could get. (the cover image of this post)

Book shelf in the making, but has some really nice books already to browse through..


pasta just the way you would love to have it.

The food and beverages are good as well. A great place for me to be out of home but still have a homely vibe. A perfect brunch place to be in if you live in downtown blr and want to just chill and do your stuff or have a peaceful and relaxed time with your friends.


Hope you guys find this interesting and hey...go out and explore this new cafe in town.

The owners of the cafe kyoumars and farooq are a delight to spend time with.

Its definitely worth your time and experience.
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Wow they turned a hose into a cafe, it looks amazing. Will pay a visit soon