Cleaning Time!!! Made My Room into My Sanctuary Again <3

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Hello there beautiful people!
I hope everyone is doing well despite what's happening these days.

I took a day off from work today because I wanted to transform my room into a sanctuary again. Lately, it has felt so stuffy and I was feeling so stressed out. Well, there might be a number of reasons, but I thought... cleaning my room and transforming it into a sanctuary again would make me feel better.


Well, my room is quite small and I have a lot of stuff in it. However, I wanted it to be more spacious, so let's see what I can do.

At first, I took out my bedsheet, my curtain, my aircon strainer, etc... and started cleaning from the top portion.


I took out one of my towels and made it into a mask. My nose is pretty sensitive to dust, so yeah, I need them protection. It's been a while since I've seen my posters at the back. I usually put a curtain there as backdrop for my online classes. I don't want my students to get distracted by them. lol


As I mentioned earlier, I started cleaning from the top. So after, wiping my ceiling fan, I took out all the stuff from my altar, wiped them clean and arranged them back. You may have noticed some stuff on the left side; those are holy water, a candle, my gallbladder stone after the operation and my nurse pin.


Below my altar is my dresser. Well, I don't use it that much, but I wanted to get rid of some things on it. So, I chose the stuff that I need and got rid of those that I don't. It looks more spacious now than ever! Ohh, I also placed my mirror closer, so it's easier to use. In the "before" picture, it's actually difficult to use it, so I just put it there and let the dust live. Now, it's in a much better position and I can check my makeup easily. (lol, as if I wear makeup these days. xD)


After cleaning my dresser, I tried categorizing the stuff that I often use. As some of you know, I enjoy doing various stuff like drawing, writing, studying Japanese (although I haven't recently), and so on. Because of that, I wanted to have a mini work station where I can enjoy doing it. So, I exchanged my small table with my study table.

Above my study table, I separated the stuff I often or might use in the days to come. In one side, I have my Japanese books and notes, and on the other, I have my sketchpad and notebooks for writing.

Below my study table, I placed my memory boxes on one side and my painting/drawing/calligraphy tools on the other. I made it somehow into my mini open storage. Now, where is my small table? Let me show you below.


Tadah!!!! I made it into my mini work station. I have a small chair, but I love sitting on the floor... I'm actually using this space right now while making this post.

What's good is that, I can use this small table for other things. For instance, I can take out my laptop, and put either my notes, sketchpad, books or anything on the table. Depending on my mood, I can do various activities here. :)


Here's my main work station. This is where I spend my time the most because of work. My desk is often very messy with a lot of different stuff, but now you can clearly see that it's a work station and not some random garbage holder. xD


Behind my main work station are my printer table and shelf for my figurine and magazine collections. You know, when you're too busy, lazy and stressed, you don't feel like doing anything... even putting your clean clothes back to your closet. LOL Can you see the folded clothes on top of my printer? huhuhu

Well, I returned them to their right place and arranged the stuff on both places. I had to wipe it clean and get rid of the accumulated dust. Good job, me!


After cleaning and stuff, I took a shower before doing the final step... Putting back the aircon filer and cover, changing the sheets and putting a new curtain. Well, I didn't cover the posters yet, but I readied my curtain for when I start working again. I didn't transform it to a bed yet either, because I want to breathe and have more space for now. I'll be changing it later before sleeping.

Well, it didn't take me a lot of time today because I have gotten rid of most things the last time I had my room general cleaning. I just feel so good now, though a little tired. My small room now looks so spacious. Ohh.. let me take a quick picture before posting this.


Thanks for checking this post! Have a great one friends! Take care always and keep safe! See you again! (^^,)/


Nice to see your room is clean and I must go and tell my daughters to clean their room. I picked up stuffs off the floor and put them on their beds and their desks to vacuum the room but I think it’s back on the floor again xD

Thanks sis... it really helps you to relax when you have a clean and comfy room. :) Ahahaha... Did they clean their rooms, yet?

Their room grew a mess already xD
I see a lunch box sitting on the desk for over 3 weeks now...empty though...I’m not touching it 😭😂😭

Hahahah... must be tough, sis. XD
Well, good thing it's empty.
I used to forget taking my lunch box out from my school bag in the past, and some leftovers stay the whole weekend. My mom's so stressed every time. T_T

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