Hi @teggit, Greetings from #HHG9! I for one know that the battle for this BPD is a real tough one. Being thousands of miles away from you, I cannot lend you my shoulder or hug you in your bad times... just know that I am always thinking about you and your wellbeing. I hope you can find ways to distress yourself with things that you love to do. Please not mix with negative people, if any in your life... just stay away from them. Also your cheerful behavior can help you always. My pray and wishes with you. I learn a lot about BPD through your blog, and for this great blog on learning about BPD, here's my gift! I wish you a sunny and beautiful day, take care and Stay Blessed!

Hello @teggit, I’m glad to see you back. Where have you been these days? @teggit you are a brave girl and I know one day you would able to win over this illness. Never let it rule on you. Always be strong and confident. BTW! You are looking beautiful in picture. Be happy always!

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