Be Yourself, Nobody Does it Better

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This is perhaps the most important concept that I can express to the #Steemit community.

You always have to strive to know your personal truth.

The reason so many people fail is because they're worried about what other people think. You're so caught up in what your mom, or your neighbor or your colleague has to say that you never actually live your own life. You have little/no confidence to succeed.

If I were to really break it down, and get to the core of what I think is wrong, I would even go beyond the idea of confidence and begin talking about options and respect.

I'm simply astounded by how many individuals are able to place others on such an enormous pedestal without simultaneously having respect for themselves as well.

I don’t think it’s about ego so much as a question of what you're not doing that would make you feel better (or at least content) with yourself?

Whose opinion are you taking into consideration, whether that’s your employer, or the education system or the government or whatever is considered popular by culture at the time, that is controlling how you feel?

Why are you taking somebody else’s opinion about yourself as being greater than your opinion about yourself?

It’s the single greatest mistake that will keep you from finding happiness and confidence in who you truly are.

And it’s not that your opinions don’t matter. You have to have an equal amount of respect for yourself as for others. It’s a democratic society and everyone gets a vote. So beyond the thought leaders, and politicians, and school systems, you have to have respect for yourself. You need to put yourself on your own pedestal and then start weighing the opinions of others proportionately to how you actually feel about yourself.

So beyond confidence, it’s also about recognizing that nobody’s perfect.

We live in a hyper glorified age where Instagram and Snapchat mean everyone has to project themselves in the best possible light. Every piece of content I deploy is with the intention of being 100% real, but we’re also living in an era where there's this massive underlying perception of self-doubt.

You see the world as people sharing their success and not their failures or weaknesses. Everyone has strengths and everyone has flaws. You need to have confidence in yourself and never apologize for who you are.

And that comes with one major caveat, which is: you can’t set out to actively undermine or degrade someone else. There’s a very fine balance between confidence and delusion and you can’t be celebrating your wrongdoings, especially if you are hurting other people in the process.

If you’re apologizing for who you are, maybe it’s because you realize you’re doing certain things that aren’t moral of admirable, and maybe, just maybe, you should change that (no really).

If you’re a shitty, selfish person, go seek some advice from a positive friend or professional to help solve the problem instead of just beating yourself up and feeling horrible and terrible about it, which then manifests itself into you reactively beating up on other people.

The reason most people are mean or immoral is because deep down, they are unhappy with themselves…it's just the truth

I’ve never met a person who is difficult to deal with that isn’t more upset about themselves than they are about the people around them. The truth simply always plays out in the end.

A final related piece worth discussing is about options. You always have a fucking choice.

You can either work at your current job/company, or you can work with somebody else, but it can't be some fantasy you came up with. We're all grounded in reality.

I'll never apologizing about my identity. Im making a bet on who I know I am.

There is always a choice and you have to stay true to your convictions. Don’t waiver for someone else. Be confident in yourself. The world is what it is and you are going to be right or wrong.

Strive every day to be a little more like yourself, the one you know you want to be, and by the time the lights go out, you'll rest in satisfaction.

Much ❤️

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nice article... enjoyed

Hey! Welcome to Steemit. Loved the post. Looking forward to more content! Hope you have a good time.

A fantastic insight and advice. It's often easy to look at others and try to create things they like. But that is not me... Thanks for sharing this:-)


If we can’t be ourselves, we will always be searching for the approval of others. Contentment is elusive, but what else is there?

Great post! I find part of it is taking responsibility for our shit so we can stop looking at external sources to fill our internal voids. Thanks for sharing.