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So it has been awhile since I have posted. I was hacked and lost access to my main email, just regained access to it a few days ago. Steemit took a backseat as I tried to save as much of my money as possible from being stolen. Over 500$ was taken but I know he gained access to my taxes, my resume submissions and other delicate information. Knowing he was in there taking his sweet time makes me feel so dirty and violated. I was so careless that I didn't bother checking to see if the malware was gone when I changed my passwords.

I needed this to happen.

I was using the same few passwords for several sites and even had passwords for crypto including steemit up in the cloud. I figured I had such little money on my sites no one would want to mess with it. Luckily, I acted fast enough to secure my steemit, my Binance and all of my Enjin tokens onto my Enjin wallet. Now my passwords are longer, hidden offline and I pay much more attention to notifications from my security software.

I had an update video but it was too large to upload so I decided to forget it and am typing up this short update. And to top it all of during my time away my health deteriorated. I had severe stomach pain that knocked me to the floor on many occasions. While the pain faded, my pain medication has screwed with my sleep cycle. I have slept over 30 hours over the last two days alone and I hate it. But I am glad to say I have gone over a week without any severe pain. So I will try to wean myself off the drugs and become more productive.

I still fully intend to kick off Dust and Shadows 2, it's what I love to do, just my health and other factors I am not going to discuss have gotten in the way. Within the next day or two, I will have the first post for this season along with some revisions on gameplay.

For those of you that called me or sent me a text or a dm on discord to check on me thank you. It meant the world to me. Hopefully this will be the Summer of Swolesome and I can take that next big step.

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Man that sucks. I am glad everything has worked out for the most part. I hope that your health bounces back really quick! Best you take a bit of Jewish Penicillin, i.e., chicken soup with matza balls.

Glad to have you back with us. Steem is not the same without you. Rock on young bro (my original STEEM mancrush).


I always wanted to try a matza ball, are they doughy?

I'm glad to hear that you're on the path to recovery, @swolesome! I was wondering what happened to you, but since I haven't been on Steemit very much at all lately I thought maybe I had just missed your postings. Glad to hear that I have not missed the beginning of the game and I'm looking forward to it once you feel up to it again. Take care of yourself first. And thanks for posting this update.


Thanks Mit! I am planning on doing some new changes, such as a post once a week for D and S on a set day and have it have no perceivable end. So new players can join whenever!


Sounds like a great idea!


Awesome sauce. A perk of being knocked on my butt for the last month was me being able to sit and think about my games. We shall see what happens, I am VERY stoked.

I suggest you to change all passwords immidiately and each account dont access without 2 factor authentication


This was nearly a month ago, they have been changed religiously since, but thank you, it is still good advice.

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we love you, feel better soon and get your arse back on here to be the great Steemian you are....
"keeeeep going" ...your sista' from another mista'


That warmed my heart a little :)