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My epic new article, "Being Julian Assange" has been published. Here is what you need to know!


It's out!

Here are the key details.


The full text of the article is accessible by clicking here. The backup copy is available here.

The article examines issues relating to the following figures, and many more:


There are a number of new findings and unique conclusions in the article. Because it is so lengthy, I have prepared a reading guide.

Full Chapter List:

Names mentioned includes article text only. Does not include tweets/screenshots/other media content, or government entities. Due to changes during the editing process, the below may not be a full list of characters/organisations mentioned. WikiLeaks is mentioned in all chapters and is thus not listed.


1. The Election - ripping to shreds the election that never ends

Mentioned: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden (and Kevin Spacey!)

2. Talking a Man to Death - conversations about Julian/WikiLeaks

Mentioned: Julian Assange

3. Stripping the Target - the agenda to undermine all aspects of Julian’s existence

Mentioned: Julian Assange

4. Bleaching the Record - the true history of the Manning Support Network

Mentioned: Chelsea Manning, Lauri Love, Adrian Lamo, Jen Robinson, Michael Ratner, Stefania Maurizi, Obama, Jane Hamsher, Kevin Gozstola, SomersetBean, Micah Lee

Organisations: Courage Foundation, Sunshine Press, The Guardian, FireDogLake, The Intercept, Freedom of the Press Foundation

5. The Mic Drop - agenda to divorce WikiLeaks from the Freedom of the Press Foundation & SecureDrop

Mentioned:Aaron Swartz, Micah Lee, Kevin Poulsen, James Dolan, Glenn Greenwald

Organisations: Freedom of the Press Foundation, Russia Today

6. Rewriting History - agenda to divorce WikiLeaks from the legacy of Aaron Swartz

Mentioned: Kevin Poulsen, Aaron Swartz, Anil Dash, Cory Doctorow, Jacob Applebaum

Organisations: assorted MSM

7. The Forgotten History - Aaron Swartz’s work for WikiLeaks

Mentioned: Jacob Applebaum, Aaron Swartz, Micah Lee


8. Subverting the Legacy - historical context

Mentioned: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, David Swanson, Cynthia McKinney, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange


9. The Black Widow - how Aaron was betrayed by the closest person to him

Mentioned: Aaron Swartz, Quinn Norton, Jacob Applebaum, Adrian Lamo, Xeni Jardin, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Robert Swartz, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Kevin Poulsen, Glenn Greenwald

Organisations: Boing Boing, DemandProgress

10. A Beginner’s Guide To E-Drama - Barrett Brown vs WikiLeaks

Mentioned: Julian Assange, Barrett Brown, William Binney, Julia Ioffe, Caitlin Johnstone, Aaron Swartz, Randy Credico, Roger Stone

Organisations: Courage Foundation, The Atlantic, InfoWars, Pursuance Project

11. Intellectual Honesty - Barrett Brown vs Me

Mentioned: Barrett Brown, Steve Phillips, Kim Dotcom, John Kiriakou

Organisations: Pursuance Project

12. SupporterGate - WikiLeaks supporters under fire/future whistleblowers endangered

Mentioned: Julian Assange, Cora Currier, Micah Lee, Stefania Maurizi

Organisations: The Intercept

13. The Worst Article Ever - the latest Intercept hit piece on WikiLeaks

Mentioned: Micah Lee, Cora Currier, William McNeilly, Paul Monaghan, Lauri Love, Jacob Appelbaum

Organisations: Courage Foundation, The Intercept, EFF

14. The Freedom to Impress - Freedom of the Press Foundation vs WikiLeaks

Mentioned: Micah Lee, Dr Jane Kelsey, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, John Perry Barlow, Daniel Ellsberg, Barrett Brown, Kim Dotcom, Mike Pompeo,

Organisations: It’s Our Future NZ, Freedom of the Press Foundation, The Guardian, EFF, Forbes, PayPal, ArsTechnica,

15. Sacrifice (and Love) - Laura Poitras and "Risk"

Mentioned: Laura Poitras, Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Sarah Harrison, Edward Snowden, Christine Assange, Melinda Taylor, Roger Stone, Jeremy Scahill, James Risen, Glenn Greenwald, Bill Clinton, Juanita Broderick,

Organisations: Cannes, Associated Press, Booz Allen Hamilton, ShowTime

16. Blatant Lies and Untruths - Sibel Edmonds & Whitney Webb’s attacks on Glenn Greenwald & FPF

Mentioned: Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Pierre Omidyar, Whitney Webb, John Perry Barlow, Reiney Reitman, Micah Lee, Trevor Timm, Laura Poitras, Stranahan

Organisations: Newsbud, Paypal, The Intercept, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Booz Allen Hamilton, HB Gary, EFF

17. Game Theory and the Middle Way - seeing through the WL vs FPF conundrum

Mentioned: Glenn Greenwald, Micah Lee, Sibel Edmonds, Whitney Webb, Pierre Omidyar, Kevin Poulsen, Spencer Ackerman, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Daniel Ellsberg, Cora Currier, Julian Assange, Xeni Jardin, Trevor Timm, Edward Snowden

Organisations: Freedom of the Press Foundation

18. Saving Ourselves - a closer look at the FPF and the EFF

Mentioned: Rachel Tackett, Yasha Levine, Shari Steele, Cindy Cohn, John Perry Barlow, General Michael Hayden, James Dolan, Chelsea Manning, George W. Bush

Organisations: Freedom of the Press Foundation, EFF, Google, Carnegie Mellon University, the Tor Project, the World Economic Forum

19. Provenance - the genesis of this article

Mentioned: John Malkovich, John Cusack, SomersetBean, Julian Assange

20. The Doctor’s Orders - Julian’s medical records

Mentioned: Julian Assange

21. Stating The Obvious - the manifestation of the medical prophecy

Mentioned: Julian Assange

22. Something has got to give and it’s us - the intelligence agency connection

Mentioned: Edward Snowden,

Organisations: Reddit, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump

23. How Wikipedia Sanitises Fake News - how the truth is censored while lies get taught in schools

Mentioned: Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Aaron Swartz, Adrian Lamo, Julia Ioffe, Micah Lee, Cora Currier, Caitlin Johnstone

Organisations: Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Atlantic, The Intercept, Wikipedia, New York Times

24. Emancipation - Julian Assange: agent of change. WikiLeaks: an anti-war organisation

Mentioned: Julian Assange, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

25. It Starts With This - Imagine being Julian Assange

Mentioned: Julian Assange

26. What next? A call to action

/ end


I wrote the article myself and it reflects four months of my own research. My wonderful friend @elizbethleavos, Editor in Chief of Disobedient Media (also my co-host from Decipher You) spent dozens of hours editing and proofing the copy with me. I owe her a massive thank you for her tireless work. You can thank her too by going to her Steemit blog and upvoting and resteeming her work!

I also owe a big thank you to @SomersetBean for the incredible custom graphic header image for "Being Julian Assange", pictured above. You can learn a little bit more about the image and article here.

And a huge thank you to Kim Dotcom, who gave hours of his time into helping me prepare the release.


Elizabeth and I will appear in a live video event to review my core findings and answer questions from readers. The live event will happen at the following dates/times:


Due to the intensity of the hours I was spending writing "Being Julian Assange", Elizabeth and I temporarily suspended Decipher You. After the above event, Decipher You will resume as before, analysing Snowden documents live online, twice a week.


It was important to me to make the full text of the article available in one go. However it is also important to me that the text be preserved on the blockchain and I want to support Steemit. So I will shortly begin posting the article in segments onto my Steemit blog. Keep an eye out!


"Being Julian Assange" directly tackles and dismantles the narratives of some of the biggest names in activism and journalism. It exposes lie after lie after lie about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in a way that has not been done before. It examines the ties between major organisations and intelligence agencies. It delves into details about Julian Assange's situation that are seldom given much thought. It theorises revolutionary new fixes for this broken system; ways we can make things better in the short term. And it asks you, the reader, to step up and act to make them happen.

Really looking forward to your feedback and if you love it - share it!


By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website:


Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

Who is Suzie?

Read Suzie's Introduction On Steemit


A very well thought out article Suzie the time spent certainly reflects on it.. what an insightful view into WL and the people connected to the organization. A note about Michael Hastings mentioned in your full article..

Michael Hastings' last few articles depict what he was looking into Psyop Propaganda used against U.S. elected officials by deep state MIC to invade Afghanistan -
I know this because someone sent me a tip on this a few years ago.

Here is my own article on Steemit regarding MISOC, Wikileaks and Michael Hastings.. cheers AK!

Side note: I think we are all awaiting the Media Ops file Wikileaks has teased. :p

Is there any information about why Mr. Assange is annoyed by 9/11 conspiracy theorists?

Exactly. A gaping hole in the credibility of Assange, and those who support him without question.

IMHO if he was what he is reported to be, he'd be dead and not giving interviews on Main Stream Media. A modern day Emmanuel Goldstein. Where it really get's brilliant is the sex change thing with Manning. Fantastic way to normalize transgenderism. But I rather shut up now. Don't want to get attacked by a fan boy :)

Take the time to read the article before commenting. It's a 23,000 word article. Take an evening and take notes. Check the links, read the corresponding information. Learn about what is going on. It takes time. Taking someone else's word for it is why the corporate media gets away with lies.

Hi Suzie. This is awesome. Strangely I woke up this morning thinking of old Western movies where the hero is holed up, down to his last round of ammunition and the hordes of Indians/Mexicans/ Confederates/ Outlaws are closing in for the kill. When all seems lost the cavalry arrives and the day is saved. It strikes me that Julian is the hero, his assailants are obvious and the Cavalry has to be us. Your article should be the first step towards saving him. I hope so

Thanks a lot for posting the reader's guide here. At the very least, it'll be difficult to censor. ;)

@thejimmydoreshow is finally on Steemit! Can you guys help him to verify his account? I don't think he deserves to start from the very bottom...

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