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 The  controversial international whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks is  primed to release its next installment in the #Vault7 series. This new  section is entitled “Media Ops” which has many thinking that 21st  century CIA media manipulation may be exposed in the coming data dump  potentially Operation Mockingbird 2.0.

Wikileaks  has tweeted out several hints at what this data trove may include,  posting a video of U.K. parliament repeating the phrase “strong and  stable” over and over again. And posting another recruitment video for  MISOC a U.S. military psyops intelligence operation that this writer  previously highlighted earlier in the week.

“In  the UK, politicians test phrases then repeat them endlessly for  hypnotic effect. Example: “strong and stable,” Wikileaks tweeted.

Wikileaks  also posted that “Western media produce endless fake news stories about  China by exploiting ignorance about the nature of its tabloids,” with a  link to that states “Global Times doesn’t speak for  China.”

This isn’t just in the U.K. and China this type of information psychological warfare is also used in the U.S. against Americans.In  fact President George W. Bush himself exposed what are known as  “Government press packages” in the early 2000’s when Ken Harman of Cox  News Service questioned him on the use of government produced pieces  aired on television stations across the U.S. and journalist paid to show  them.

As  Harman pointed out, “there is no disclaimer that these stories sent to  air on television stations around the U.S are provided by the government  raising several ethical questions.”Essentially these are pieces of propaganda, something the American public was supposed to be protected from under the Smith-Mundit Act of 1945 which barred the federal government from producing sensationalized content manipulating the public.


This  isn’t the first time that journalist were paid to produce fake stories  now commonly deemed “fake news” during the Church Committee in 1975, a  congressional panel found the CIA paid journalist to produce fake  stories during the cold war era 1950’s through 1970's. They also funded  student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.  This CIA operation became known as Operation Mockingbird and was  mentioned in the infamous CIA family jewels’ collection.

The U.K. equivalent to Operation Mockingbird known as Operation Mass Appeal was allegedly ran by MI6 during 1997–98 and exaggerated Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction according to Former U.N. chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter.That claim was further exaggerated years later in 2003, when the U.K. government Downing St produced a fake Iraq war memo  that was exposed as being based off academic papers. A claim that would  have never seen the light of day, if it wasn’t for a doctor named David  Kelly one of the lead scientist who called the Iraq dossier a sham.  Kelly was later found in the woods and his death remains a mystery to this day.

We learned last year in 2016 that Bush and Tony Blair planned  the Iraq invasion one year prior in a blood pact thanks to Democrat  candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails. Clear as day its seen that both  world leaders manipulated the public’s mind with propaganda to go to war  constantly repeating the trigger words “weapons of mass destruction,”  into the public’s ear at every given moment to sell the Iraq war.

Next we have Afghanistan and its propaganda operations which murdered journalist Michael Hastings exposed entitled: “The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read.”The article was surrounding a leaked unclassified pentagon report.  The report took the shroud off of the U.S. military’s psyops operation  command mentioned earlier in this article MISOC. Revealing several  techniques the group uses in psychological warfare to manipulate the  public including but not limited to fake intelligence information, lack  of information and social media manipulation according to Lt. Colonel  Daniel Davis. (For more on MISOC and its capabilities see this  Anti-media article by Aaron Nelson.)Hastings also accused MISOC of deploying psychological operations on U.S. senators in another report and on video with Democracy Now.

The U.S. military’s social media program was further revealed in 2011 by the Guardian who reported that the military had ‘sock puppet’ software that creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda.That’s two countries that were invaded involving psychological warfare operations.Additionally,  in 2007, four star NATO General Wesley Clark warned that a mere days  after 911 a plan was set in motion to go to war with 7 countries within 5  years. The countries he named included — Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya,  Somalia, Sudan and, Iran providing testimony that wars were pre-planned  at the highest levels of government after the suspicious attack on the  world trade centers.In  which the U.S. government stated it had “no prior knowledge of the  plot,” but was some how able to echo the perpetrator’s name believed  responsible “Osama Bin Laden” on every television station in the U.S.  without any formal investigation. Seemingly directly after the attack  they knew who was responsible. Then before we knew it we were in  Afghanistan and Iraq hunting 10 years for a man in a cave who  commandeered one of the most sophisticated terror plots the world has  ever seen.

This  brings us back to the current day, with accusations about Russia  hacking the election without any proof that has yet to be provided to  back up the claims to the general public, just like the previous claims  of Iraq’s non- existent “weapons of mass destruction.” Constantly  echoing the phrase “Russia hacked the election” to indoctrinate the  public that it was Russia who hacked the American electoral process  demonizing Russia as an enemy of the United State’s people.Are  elitist interest and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) deep-state  prepping for war with Russia over Syria and the Ukraine?

Another unrelated question why did the Pentagon pay  a British PR firm $500 million last year to create fake Al-Qaeda  recruiting videos? Giving further credence that a controversial disputed  hacked video from a John McCain staffer’s laptop showing a fake ISIS beheading filmed in a studio may be a real leak after all.

Could  Wikileaks have further information on these psyop practices and more?  After all a German journalist Udo Ulfkotte who died suspiciously claimed that all of the press worked and “lied for the CIA.”The  world is waiting with belated breathe for #Vault7 part 2 to be released  into the wild and for Wikileaks to scatter the CIA into a thousand  pieces into the winds finishing the job JFK wanted to do before he was  conveniently assassinated.

If you liked this article support the dying effort of real journalism and research and my upcoming website  become my patron. I am a freelance journalist with sources all over the  world, together we can fight the global elite. I am fully funded by you  and without you I cannot continue to do this life risking work. 

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An0nKn0wledge AKilluminati tweeted @ 28 Apr 2017 - 23:28 UTC

The Smith-Mundit Act Made It Illegal For The U.S. Govt To Use Propaganda On Its Citizens NDAA Repealed That Right Google Who "MISOC" Are.

wikileaks WikiLeaks tweeted @ 29 Apr 2017 - 14:26 UTC

Western media produce endless fake news stories about China by exploiting ignorance about the nature of its tabloids…

wikileaks WikiLeaks tweeted @ 29 Apr 2017 - 20:53 UTC

US military PSYOPS recruiting advertisement (2013)…

In WikiLeaks:…

wikileaks WikiLeaks tweeted @ 29 Apr 2017 - 12:31 UTC

In the UK, politicians test phrases then repeat them endlessly for hypnotic effect. Example: "strong and stable"

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