The Stream -- The Wheel [vol. 4]

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DISCLAIMER:: This post is the conclusion of a stream of consciousness series. While each part can be enjoyed as a standalone piece, they will be best experienced when read in order. If you'd like to read from the beginning, the first part can be found here.

the stream-- cogs.pngsrc

* The Wheel *

The rest is routine..
tick-tock turning,
winding up, up, up..
ticking down, down, down..

Back, Forth,
day, night,
weeks, months, years..
ages, eons,
dust, rock, space..

You are ephemerally eternal
Ethereal, even..
Structured Spontaneity.
Cosmic Causality..

Is there some grand design
firing photons from pistons
that fly past,
ever onward,
ignorant or indifferent
of your plight?

A slight
that you should take

..for who are you?..

Who am I?
who are we,
save words
we deign to don?

We wear these worrisome ways
like a fever
or a woolen sweater
on a sweltering summer evening,
sweating and shivering,
huddled paralyzed
by fret and fear.

Tear off this affliction
and throw caution to the wind.
Today is your day
to stand up
and say
"I will live my life..
and I will live it
my way!"


This is Part Four, and the conclusion, of a stream of consciousness writing series. Part One can be found here and Part Three can be found here. Comments, critiques, opinions are welcome in the comments...

Thank you for unwinding The Wheel with me

Until Then...

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