The Stream -- The Wheel [vol. 1]

in #life11 months ago

Round and Round
it goes...
A sun rises,
the wind blows.
A stirring
bubbling up
to the top
where it stops..
nobody knows

the stream-- cogs.pngsrc

* The Wheel *

I dream of coffee, cats, and brothers..
I dream of hangovers,
scratched, confused,

This is Life,
a series of images
flickering past.

They are projected outward, and
then perceived inward.
We create them, and
then believe them to be

Apart from us,
outside of our control...

Perception is not Reality;
Reality is arbitrary.

Sneaking suspicions,
silent distrust.
lack of confidence...

"Everyone else has their lives together..
..and yours is falling apart."

You struggle to hold
a semblance of authority...

The secret is all-knowing
that you are not;
no one is.

It isn't scary..
it's Liberating..


This is Part One of a stream of consciousness writing series. Comments, critiques, opinions are welcome in the comments... I hope you are looking forward to the continuation of this series.

Until Then...

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