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I am always hopeful that there will be something there.

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Some people call this being optomistic.

I hope for an unexpected package on the front door step.

For a surprise letter in the mail.

For a little bit of water left in my drinking cup.

Nope... drank it all already.

But why am I so hopeful?

Ten times out of ten there is nothing ever there.

Eventually, it would be reasonable to assume that there is nothing there and to not get my hopes up.

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And don't get me wrong. I'm not disappointed when there isn't anything. Instead, it is the reverse. I hope well… maybe next time…

Why? Why! Why?!

I'm not entirely sure myself.

I like to view my life as an adventure. And as part of that adventure, I am imagining all the possibilities for good things to happen. I expect good things to happen.

Even when there are bad things.

But I hope against hope.

I have a fearless desire for something unexpected to happen.

Through all the ordinary and routine things in life, I am looking out for novelty.

Perhaps it's that desire for the new that excites me.

Or maybe it is just that I want something worth writing about...

I don't know.

The ordinary is everywhere. The extra ordinary, now that you have to search for!

You have to have eyes that see it. Ears that hear it. A mind that accepts that it could exist. A heart to long for it. In a world full of bad news and negative reviews, there must be something more...

We see the images.

We have the dreams.

We make the memories.

We hope for more.

Stay tuned.
Stay interesting.
Stay Strange.


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