WHY I’m ON Steemit - Reason 4

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Making Money & Giving It All Away!


The financial incentive to be ON steemit is attractive - but it is low on my list of priorities.

I would blog for free if I was not censored. Steemit does not censor me (and it pays me) - that’s a win/win. I wouldn’t blog as often as I do if I wasn’t paid mind you, but I’d still blog.

There are other reasons as to why I am here but they aren’t nearly as important as my Top 4.

I’m closing this series out with my 4th (and final) reason for being on Steemit and it revolves around money.

I take inspiration, and learn lessons from many people.

One person that I learned a lot from was Charles “Chuck” Feeney - The Man Who Gave Away His Entire $8 Billion Fortune While He Was Alive


Chuck’s story was my 11th Steemit blog.

In 1982, Chuck Feeney created The Atlantic Philanthropies, and in 1984, secretly transferred his entire 38.75% stake in Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) to the foundation. Not even his business partners knew that he no longer personally owned any part of DFS. For years, Atlantic gave away money in secret, requiring recipients to not reveal the source of their donations. Feeney lives in a rented apartment, not owning a car or a house, flying economy-class and owning a $15 Casio watch because it keeps time just as well as a Rolex. Source - Wikipedia

I strongly recommend (and hope) that everyone will read his story, watch the embedded video and encourage others to do what Chuck Feeney did - or at the very least - do more than they are doing today.

My Life on a Super Yacht


I am not sure if sharing this part of my life with you is appropriate (or beneficial) to the overriding message that I am hoping to portray in this post?

I mean well, my intentions are sincere, so let the cards fall where they may.

I am sharing this insight into my life with you in the hope that you will appreciate, and respect that I am trying to practise what I preach - trying being the key word.

This is the final post in my introduceyourself series. I deem it relevant but you may not - that’s ok.

Please allow me to share one of my many life experiences with you and let’s move on to other topics. I am quite embarrassed to share this but truth is truth, so let’s get it over and done with and more importantly, move on to more important topics.

Lounge and Dining Area on the 2nd Deck


I have vacationed on a super-yacht (this is not my yacht) and rubbed shoulders some elites. I was a pretender, as most hanger-on’s are - I was most certainly a hanger-on.

I diligently worked my way up the social ladder as I weaved my way through the social, psychological and economic paradigm that the elites have created for us.

I was a slave to the system, and I did not know it. I eventually realized that working for the man, and trying to please the elites amounted to nothing and would be a life-long journey - it was a game - and the joke was on me.

I am not bragging - far from it.

With the benefit of hindsight, I’m genuinely very embarrassed about the life that I used to live, the games that I used to play, the money that I wasted, and the lies that I told to myself (and others) so as to justify my behavior to myself (and others).

In Reason 1 - I shared with you that my business partner was worth $100 million. I have never had a net worth anywhere near as much as he has - but I lived a very comfortable life nonetheless (no complaints).

I know people worth much more than $100 million but I turned my back on them and walked away.

In 2015 I took a vacation on a super-yacht.

Here are a few photos from my 2015 vacation.

Early Morning on the Top Deck


Lunch on the Stern (Rear) Deck


This experience now seems like a distant memory to me.

I have matured and grown so much in the last 2 years.

While I enjoyed spending time with some of my family on this vacation - I now think about how many people I could have helped with that money.

I can’t change the past - but I can change the present and future - and that is what I intend to do with the remainder of my life.

My life is now very different to the one that I used to live. I’m am now a much better person than I used to be - but I am far from perfect. I am a work in progress. I will never will be perfect - but I strive to be a better human-being every single day.

I am free from the pressures of owning and running companies. I am free from debt. I now spend much more time thinking about other people rather than my myself.

I haven’t worked for 3.5 years - call it a mid-life crisis, a reality check, an awakening, a red pill moment (or whatever you want to label it as) - but truth be told - I now know a lot more about myself and I care far more deeply for others.

I you have $1,000 and are happy - you are rich. If you have $1 million and you are unhappy - you are poor.

I genuinely believe that - but it took me years to realize it!

I also believe that when you do good things (for the right reasons) the results take care of themselves. That is not always the case (in every instance), but for the most part that is how things have usually panned out for me - attitude and perspective does play a important role.

Is the glass half-full or is the glass half-empty? I chose to believe that it is half-full.

I no longer desire the big homes, fast cars, extravagant vacations and celebrity parties. I thought that I did - but they did not make me happy and I am so glad that I finally realized that it was a dead end to nowhere.

The penny finally dropped 18 months ago when I realized that my life purpose was to help others and try to make the world a better place before I died.

When I was a teenager my Dad told me about the day that he was sitting in his office, talking to his lead engineers, when in a literal second he saw one man decapitated right in-front of him as they were talking, and another 6 men get hit by shrapnel. There was an explosion on the site. My Dad was not in the military at the time (he served years earlier) - he was just sitting in his office and talking to his colleagues.

We are here for such a short period of time - we need to do our utmost to make every second count.

Closing Thoughts


Don’t be fooled into thinking that I am wealthy - I am not.

99% of what I had is gone.

I am not comparing myself to Charles “Chuck” Feeney - but I do intend to follow the example that he set and give almost everything that I own away while I am living so that I can see that it goes to the right places, and see firsthand, the difference that it will make to the lives of others.

I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing.

8 Men Have the Same Wealth as 50% of the Worlds Population!


Charles “Chuck” Feeney could have been one of these greedy, selfish men - he would most likely be comfortably be sitting amongst the 50 richest in men in the world today - but he chose to give it all away and took a different path - way back in 1982 (35 years ago).

Have you ever seen Chuck Feeney on TV, in the newspaper or in the movies? Have you ever heard of him?

Most likely not - it is not a story that the government and lamestream media wants to ram down your throat day and night.

Helping your neighbor and spreading the message of selflessness is not a message that they want you to hear or comprehend - the message that they preach is one of division and survival of the financially fittest!

When you die you will not take anything with you - but you can leave a legacy - what will your legacy be?


When you see the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s of this world giving away billions - please remember that they are only giving away a relatively small portion of their fortune and most of it will vest after they die.

They are both pretenders/fakes when compared to Chuck Feeney - unfortunately the media loves and elevates the Gates and Buffets (Kardashians) while it conveniently ignores the real heroes/patriots e.g. the Feeneys. That is how the game is played unfortunately and I trust that I have shared a small insight into it?

We live in a very artificial and manufactured world!

What are you working for?

Who are you working for?

How much money do you need?

What are you doing with the money that you make?

Could your money be better spent elsewhere?

I can’t answer any of these of questions for you - only you can!

Please consider supporting my channel and resteeming this post. I will give it all away and that is a promise!

My truth may not be your truth - that’s ok. I merely attempted to share my truth and introduce myself to you during this series.

I welcome hearing your truth.

Thank you for reading my post and for allowing me to share why I love Steemit with you, and life with you in these 4 posts!

Till next time…

Love, Peace & Truth

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Great writing. Thanks for sharing with us.
Rich folks I know, say money is like air, you only need what you can breath;-)

I hadn't heard that one before. Next time you hear one of them say that tell them what Chuck Feeney did and watch them change the subject very quickly.

Wow that is quite the yacht!

Wow. I didn't realize how similar in outlook we are. I have never even approached the kind of wealth that clearly tempted you, although there were times when I yearned for it. At times the frustration of being a single father and homeschooling my sons on jobsites was practically overwhelming, but somehow none of us starved.

I chose carpentry because I believe what I can know of my purpose is to benefit those I am fortunate enough to meet, as best I can. When I build a deck, or repair a roof, I am substantially blessing folks with a good place to BBQ, or a dry place to sleep, for perhaps decades after I am gone.

I get to leave a legacy of comfort and utility to the good people I find in need, and this is really why I get up of a day. I can't do it without any pay at all, but don't charge much more than I need to meet my daily needs, and keep my tools in repair.

So, many years ago, as a musician flung into the hurly burly of that circus, I thought I wanted to be rich. I eventually discovered with the advent of the least bit of wisdom (gained by the huge investments I made in foolishness, so common in that industry) that had I ever had such ability to multiply my idiocy, I would surely have snuffed it, probably in some most ignominous manner.

I am become grateful for the simplicity of my life, frustrations and all.

I confess I am now more eager to see what you bring to our intellectual and spiritual table next than ever. I also feel just a bit justified in my way of life, as folks that care about me have at times been more frustrated than I at such challenges I brought upon me, as I now seem to have some good company in philosophy.

I commend you on your journey, and the honesty that has brought you to the hope of real peace, and such comfort as only that might bring.

P.S. There was a Quaker in the American colonies, name of John Smith, IIRC, who gave up his holdings, and traveled about convincing his peers to forsake the morally hazardous practice of profitable farming using slave labor. While many might find his story antithetical to their goals, I found it inspirational.

I don't know where to begin after reading this.

A single dad feeding and homeschooling his sons. I could clearly learn an immense number of lessons from you. What you did for your boys is one of the most important things that any man could ever do - massive respect.

I sincerely wish that I could build something meaningful with my hands as you have done so many times. I know that I can do it but I never have. One day, in the not too distant future I most surely will. I want to get my hands my dirty and while I've dabbled in it I have not yet fully immersed in it.

I am become grateful for the simplicity of my life, frustrations and all.

You are wealthy!

I'm now going to read up on John Smith. :)

Keep in touch brother!

Hey there!! thanks to both of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!!!! Me myself Im a single mom of a two year old and through him I learned to change my mindset, my focus and to be grateful for what we have. I was never rich.....never...but i always wanted to be. I thought life is easier with money and so much more fun....while taking care of my son by myself with less money than i had before , I realized how much energy it takes to make money just to spend it for bullshit afterwards....how expensive our system is and that actually no-one around me is happy...wether rich or poor....everyone works a lifetime for a big house...fancy cars..spends thousands for fashion...even furniture became fashion...kitchen tools became fashion...its fucking crazy...evrything turns into fast fashion....is that happiness ? I don't belive so....spending time with my son and overthinking my spendings all the time ( Do i really need this?) teaching my son how not the become stressed when he can't have something right now...gives me so much more than just go and buy stuff....i had so much time to think about our economic system....plenty of time to do researches about whats happening behind the scenes...where money comes from...where it goes...all that made me search for solutions not to be part of this system anymore and made me become more and more convenient with a minimalistic life....My plan is also to share my experiences with others...to motivate people not to be focused on money too much and incase my income becomes higher than my needs, I will for sure share it with people in need!! In need of information 😉

Sorry for this super long text but i just had the feeling that i also need to share my thoughts on your post...


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your story with us @jackie.brown. I think that you've made the right choice by jumping off of the consumerism/materialism merry-go-round. Life doesn't need to be as complicated as they it to be for us. Spending time with your son is the best investment you will ever make. Keep in touch and all the very best.

thank you very much ❤️ true words!!! life is less complicated when you free your mind from all this materialistic bullshit....KEEP IN TOUCH 💚

This is an excellent article. Very positive message that everyone needs to see. People get so caught up in money, glamour, and the superficial part of life, that it sometimes molds them into a selfish, arrogant, prick. There's nothing wrong with having money, but make sure to share it along the way and help those less fortunate when you can. You hit the nail on the head when you said "I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing." I think that's brilliant. You can't spend money when you're dead so why not spread it out, create smiles, and enjoy the happiness it brings. Chuck Feeney was a great man, and oddly enough, this is my first time hearing about him. I hope more people learn about him and take notes. You're right about the lamestream media only promoting what they want to and "what sells" and they don't care who they hurt. They care about ratings. And if Kim Kardashian gives them that, they'll keep talking about it. People need to open theirs eyes and just trust what they see on TV, because usually it's negative. They need to think for themselves, explore the world, and see all there is to offer. Thank you for sharing your message with the Steemit community. I hope this is the beginning of something new for the world and people start looking past the superficial side and start making the world a better place for this generation and many more to come. You only have one life, make it count.

Outstanding comment, from the heart and with love.

I agree with every word that you said.

Thank you.

At least you are open and honest! Two great qualities. I also walked away from comfort and I started a charity. That was 16 years ago and I have never felt happier.

Thank you. I took a quick look at your posts and I am now following you. I am going to dedicate some time over the coming days to learn more about what you do. Your message is an encouragement - thank you!

Yup. Dunno why I had to follow you now. Seems like I should have done it before.

Well, better late than never =)

Welcome and blessings to you on your road in life! Happy to have you as a friend! Regards, Stephen

The great thing about steem not having any large corporations spending money on steem for advertisements is that there is no rigid community guideline which lets us speak our free mind which every platform I wish would let us do.
I totally agree with how we came here with nothing and leave with nothing so there is no point being greedy and building our self worth just for it to be discarded when we pass away.
Great Photographs of your vacation by the way haha

You made an excellent point. Steemit is different because corporations do not own it and therefore can't submit their will on to the people. Thank you for adding value, contributing and commenting.

if you have 1000 and are happy you are rich, if you have 1000000 and are unhappy you are rich.. ive never heard truer words.

It's great to connect with someone that gets it.

I've never had broccoli ice-cream but you've got me interested. You are right about the tv chopping. My 2nd cousin has done a lot of chopping for the tv networks and hollywood. Most of it is BS aa you already know.

Welcome to Steemit.

Great post @steemtruth. We are alllllll works in progress, and it's refreshing to read such a humble writing. Admitting when we were wrong is the hardest thing to do. My face was burning in empathy for you. I applaud your transparency and vulnerability! I am heartened knowing that you have changed so much because that gives me hope that so many others will be making the changes that we've all had to make as we awakened too! <3 <3 <3 <3 Big Hugs!!

It's always such a pleasure to hear from you @lyndsaybowes.

I am still following you and most likely always will. I checked your page when I started blogging again a few weeks ago and I saw that you had been inactive for a little bit. I'm so pleased that you popped up and said hello. I missed your last few posts (apologies, I've been playing catch-up) but I have since pruned my following list down. I will keep a close eye out for your posts from now on.

Your message is very touching and relevant and as usual - you see, appreciate and understand things that few other people do. You are a very special lady. I have never forgotten the walk through your garden and backyard.

I will never forget your Santa Claus video either. I've since shared it many people and it will stay with me forever. If you lie to yours kids don't be upset or surprised when they lie to you, so simple, so pure, so true.

I hope that the you, the hubby and Eddie are all doing well?

Speak soon and thank you for the encouragement.

Yessss, I was away for a little bit, and I have been back for about a week now, my husband Brendan actually finally joined! @hendrix22! And Eddie is doing wonderfully, thank you so much for asking. I'm truly blown away that you still remember me and the videos! WOW!! *Soooo coooool. Thank you for letting me know that I had a positive impact on your thoughts, I'm totally smiling so much right now!

I'm not going anywhere either, and look very forward to more posts from you, even if we're in and out of blogging at times, I'm glad that we are still friends, and share reality with each other! :D :D :D

Big hugs @steemtruth :) :) :)

All good, I was away for 6 months and just logged back in.

I just read Brendan's posts and I said hello to him. I'm now following him also. He's a good writer and I think that he might have a few stories up his sleeve.

I also remember your Palestine song - that will also stay with me. I know sincerity when I see it and I am quite certain that you do to.

Keep in touch sister and have a great summer.

Big love to you, Brendan, Eddie and other kids (can't recall their names, sorry), oh, and the chickens :) xx

Aw, thank you for friending Brendan! That's kick [email protected]@!! :) I'm so happy hearing you liked the song about Palestine, certainly that is one of my biggest concerns, Palestinian Freedom, I cannot believe in this day and age we are allowing ethnic cleansing to go on right before our eyes! It frustrates me so much, but what can we do but just keep telling the truth, and try to be our own media. It's us against the world!

This post should be read by all new members, before they begin their Steemy affair with this platform. Questioning what motivates ourselves to do what we do on a daily basis, should be as routine as eating breakfast.

Thank you for commenting and for being such a wise man. All the very best @mikee

Thank you for such great story! Some thoughts are just exactly the same as mine. It was really very exiting to read. Let's leave the Universe better and nicer after us! Let's leave beautiful steps after us! It is just what I often tell to my children

I think that this one of our greatest responsibilities. We must keep striving towards it. Thank you for reading my article and commenting.

This is a wonderful post and Im glad I found you. I am following you now and will be going through some of your older post. I will also resteem.

I can relate to you and the goal of making the world a better place. When I found Bitcoin 6 1/2 years ago I was relatively successful but I was searching for something that could truly change the world for the better. I was focused on solutions that could help eliminate poverty and the constant state of war that my children have been born into.

After 6 months of constant research in the crypto space I got an aha moment. I started to realize that crypto could be one of the tools that are needed to make this change in the world.

6 years ago I closed down 2 of my businesses and just focused entirely on learning as much as I could about crypto. I havent worked a regular job since.

I have some more to share but I will leave it here for now. I dont want to hijack your post.

This was my introduce yourself post from 4 weeks ago where I share more details about me and my motivations.

Thank you brother. I've just taken a quick look at your page and I'm going to watch your video soon. I've followed you and look forward to reading your next post. good on you for unplugging yourself from the rat race!

Wow thats so cool and it will be an honor for you to watch my video.

Thank you!

You've got a great story. You've done well Carlos.

Wow, Thanks alot thats really appreciated.

Im humbled.

What depth of Being Bro! Refreshing, inspiring and deeply heart felt.
You got me cruising right beside you on all that you post here. After personal Ego Tutorials presented me lessons on Forgiveness I was gently introduced to a new distinction, " I Am For Giving" and comin up on 70 years young I like you have lots to draw from and give away!

Thank you bro - it means a lot and it is very encouraging to me.

We will keep learning till the day we die. All the very best mate1

Wow. So this is how the other half live. I am far from wealthy but I do have enough for food each day I havent my own house but I rent one so it feels like mine I can buy myself a nice dress if Im going somewhere nice and when I save I can go on holidays. So its not the end all. If I ever became rich I would share it and not change as a person. In the meantime I am happy as I am healthy :) & have people that love me in my life <3

I suspect that you may be wealthier than most. Wealth is a perspective based on what you perceive to be value. If you value love and receive it you are wealthy. If you value gold and receive it you are wealthy.

I'm going out on a limb now but I think that you probably more wealth that most.

Well done my friend!

'Some people are so poor all they have is money!'

So true and so sad!

Great post!To be poor does not mean to have no money,it means to be selfish, a liar, to do not care about anything or something.I think the same as you.Thanks for sharing!

This is pretty amazing stuff. I'd like to stay close to people like you. This is very inspirational and well received. I was recently laughed at for talking like this and even though it may have stung for a fraction of a second, I know in my heart that I'm doing what I want to do and that's all that matters. We all have our own paths. I'll be saving this and adding to my fav posts list. Looking forward to reading the rest when I'm off work. Thanks for the insight :)

Thanks for reading it Joey. It means a lot. We can make a difference to the lives of other people and it's very fulfilling and rewarding to do so. I'm following you. If you ever want to chat I'm running the #Truth room in PAL. Feel free to drop in anytime. All the very best :)

My pleasure. I'd absolutely like to join that Steemtruth. Thank you. I appreciate the invite :)

Fantastic post. We really do run after the wrong things. Unfortunately, we have to learn the hard way. We will climb the ladder of success and when we get to top, we see the emptiness and ask ourselves , "what am I doing. what am I trying to accomplish?". Inspiring and enlightening post.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it and got something out of it. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment.

Quite welcome. Please keep up the posting and your great content. You give great value to Steemit platform.

Thnx. Appreciate you. Will continue to follow your posts.

Chuck sounds like he was a very wise man... As do you @steemtruth. God Bless

Thank you. God Bless you @bickler33

Nice thought-provoking and genuine post.

You've got your priorities straight steemtruth. This was an awesome read. Now I have to research Mr. Feeney, he sounds amazing. I've read about people giving away all of their wealth before, something happens sometimes that just wakes us up.

Thanks @livingwaters. If you go to the blog that I wrote about him you'll read some of the highlights of his life and you can watch the video which is really worth watching. He is interviewed in the video and so is his daughter and sister and some other interesting people.

I'm listening to the documentary about him now.
That's real success. An older relative once told me that when a person is on his or her deathbed, they aren't saying, "gee I wish I had worked more, or made more money." What they are thinking about is how they treated and cared about others, and how much time they took out to spend with those that they love the most. Great article steemtruth. It sort of reminds me of George Muller. He lived in England during the late 1800's, and started one of the first orphanages there. He raised millions, but when he died all he had were a few belongings. He was also a great success, thousands benefited through his life and work.

I have not heard of George Muller but I will look him up. He sounds like another good man. I hope that you enjoy the documentary about Chuck..

Thanks so much for this post.
After 4 years living and working in Dubai (a city bursting at the seams with excess and wealth) I gave it all up to start a small online business so I could work remotely, travel and see the world. It's the best decision I made. I now value money, my time, and myself a hell of a lot more.
I make enough to get by, and that's all I need.
Thanks again for sharing your story @steemtruth

You made a great decision @kickadventures. I'm so pleased that it is working out for you and that you living and enjoying life.

Great post! I wish more people adopted this view:

I now spend much more time thinking about other people rather than my myself.

I too have had this desire to figure out how to help people. I'm trying to build a system that does just that - something that alleviates the stress that many people have and teaches them how to be a bit happier. Like you said, money doesn't buy happiness.

Good on you brother and thank you for taking the time to comment. I have focused on loving my neighbor and trying to help those that surround me as I try ti figure it all out. That is not advise but rather just what I am trying to do.

Exactly. that is the true way to happiness. Ya, you need some money to live comfortably- but hording money without giving back to the world is a lonely way to live. And loneliness will never equate to happiness.

Wow thank you for sharing this very personal glimpse into your experiences here. Great post! :)

You are more than welcome @natashahall.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and I thank you for taking the time to read it :)

LOVED this @steemtruth and it was the first thing I saw that you had posted, so now I have to go back and read your others. I read a book in college called "Magnificent Obsession" (can't remember the author) and it made a HUGE difference in my life and how I see things. Following you.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed reading it @lovingitinjapan and thank for you the follow. I had never heard of that book but I found it online. It seems that there was a movie version as well - which are rarely as good or detailed as the books.

Good post and I love and agree with your outlook on live- money can be good or bad - we unfortunately all need money to survive, but I believe that in the end you need to be true to yourself. no faking no pretending, just be true to who you are and do what makes you happy. Good on you for realising what you want in life

Thank you for the encouragement @anneke :)

Thanks for sharing @steemtruth. I think what you are doing is fantastic. I have decided to dedicate my life to teaching and learning. As a teacher, I don't get paid big biccies and could be earning a lot more. I do this out of a labour of love and for watching kids learn and grow.
I am using SteemIT to learn and grow and hopefully impart some of my knowledge/experiences with the world. Sure, I might make a few bucks along the way and hopefully I earn enough to reinvest in the future of this planet, the kids. I look forward to hearing more and gaining inspiration from what you write. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed it @scooter77. I've been enjoying your posts also.

Teaching kids is one of the most important jobs that anyone could do. There minds are so fragile in many respects but they are also very powerful. I'm not a big fan of the education system. I think that it could be a lot better. That is not a reflection on teachers but rather the system. Please don't take my comment negatively. I think teachers are often working with one-arm tied behind their backs. I also think that teachers should be paid double what they are now, maybe more. Teaching kids is often a labour of love and you seem to be a perfect example of that. Good on, the world needs great teachers.

You have probably seen the video below. I wrote it last year. If you haven't seen it is a really good story about a teacher in Japan that teaches his kids to care for each other, to open up and talk about their feelings in front of the class and to be happy. It's quite inspirational.

Children Full of Life - An Inspirational True Story About A Teacher and His Children

I very much enjoyed reading your post and your honest observations, experiences and reflections coming through your story @streemtruth. I can imagine if you have lived that life which so many in this world desire to live, it's "easier" to see through it and realize it's an illusion in a way. I sometimes catch myself (when I'm radically honest with myself) living towards that illusion of having "more", having a certain "success" within possessions as a form of "status" in this world. It's a sneaky, even "hard-wired" programming in the mind to want "more", to want "fame" and to be part of that "elite", believing they must also experience or be "more" internally and existentially somehow. Your story was a nice reminder and confirmation that it is in fact an illusion and that real wealth is to ask ourselves and live according to what we can contribute to this world rather than what we can "get out of it". Upvoted, followed and resteemed, steemtruth. I'll enjoy reading more of these posts.

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed reading it @kimamourette.

real wealth is to ask ourselves and live according to what we can contribute to this world rather than what we can "get out of it"

You nailed it and you clearly get it. Thank you the encouragement and support. It is very much appreciated.

Making money for posting content is a PRETTY large incentive

Your right man blogging is fun, learning from others too, it's not just about the money but we all agree its a plus, by the way the yatch is amazing 😍

You get it, clearly. I'll write about the yacht in more detail in a separate post.

Very good post, very good!

Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment Henry. It is encouraging and very much appreciated.

I'm quite envious bud! Hope to get there myself one day through hard work and effort!

Thanks for being honest but please don't be envious. There will always be people that have more and less than us. It is a matter of choosing what is important to us. I decided that less is best, for me.

Very true, but it gives me something to strive for

I get it and I encourage you to go after it if that is what makes you happy. If it doesn't make you happy stop and re-access the situation quickly. I sound like a dad now, lol. I just want to help, please take it that way. You know what is best for you, I don't. All the very best @rawpride

This was some real talk. I appreciate yo sharing. I know a lot of poor people who have some of the most gracious and genuine people I've met. Then I've met a few well off people who tend to treat you like wind.

You're welcome and you are exactly right - you know what is going on!

Everyone gets love

You have a great perspective!...and a nice yacht

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Wow what an inspirational Tory. This Feeney sounded like one amazing charitable individual and you need a soft Heart in order to be able to do what he did.

It's awesome that you want to follow him in his footsteps I really admire that and I wish you luck on your journey.

I hope one day I have the courage to give away all of my wealth to help the world and the people in it.

I would love you to follow me so we can stay connected

Team work makes the dream work, upvote and comment on my blogs if you enjoy them :)



I exposed him, feel free to check !

Cool life experience. I too would like to disconnect from this system.

I hope that you are able to do it @yakuhi.

Well you can give money to me. I will create a job for myself because I am unemployed: 3Ne9HkhC2iRmLm4LKTzP1V6EyR8BqW4XVt

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I have used it 3 times. Unfortunately as I tried my submit this post the ##introduceyourself tag was persistent. I could not submit this post without it. I do not know why?

This was not intentional - it is a software bug.

Thank you for the courteous bot message.

I have now worked out why the tag would not go away. I used the tag within the content of the post. The Steemit system locks on to a (# - hash tag) that is sees within the content. it took me a while but I finally worked it out. I simply removed the # from the post content and the tag disappeared.

Thanks for that info. I hadn't run into that issue, but now I will be aware of it. Sometimes, as you pointed out, features seem more like bugs.

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