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We have a process... We take the photos together. He processes the photos. He then shares the final images with me via iCloud. We then are each free to share the photos on our respective blogs.


Take the photos - sometimes it is planned out. I take accessories and we select a setting. It’s fun and I get to play “model.” Other times I’m just truly doing my own thing, like here practicing yoga on the balcony, and He tags along and captures shots. (Okay fine, I knew He was coming this day here so I wore the green bathing suit. But this was just my own practice time, captured.)


Processes the photos - He takes hundreds of shots and discards all but the best. Then crops, adds filters, sometimes fixes a blemish or a scar, sometimes more and sometimes less... He often makes my images into glowy beautiful images just like the way I fancy he sees me - through love filtered lenses. It’s a lot of work! I’ve see him spend hours or days after each photo session uploading, discarding and fine tuning the final images we create together, but He LOVES this step.


Shares the photos - Once pared down to the best images, filtered, cropped and mildly edited, I then have access to the final images. This step is what prompted this post. We did these shots 2-3 weeks ago and today I gained access to a bunch!


Post the photos - Often something is on my mind and I select an image that goes along with whatever I’m chattering about. Other times, like today, i’m just excited to have all these beautiful new pictures to share and wanted to tell you about our process.

pc 📷 and credit for my awesome life @sean-King 🙏🏽


Very impressive. Right now I am trying to learn handstand/ handstand pushups. But I still can't do anything without the wall.

I’m still at the wall too! No worries. It’s a process and a practice.

Last pose has me. Other than your beauty the symmetry is fantastic! Great job you two.

Thank you so much. I’m more impressed with myself in the handstand photos, because that’s my pursuit. I just threw the last photo on their as filler for the post but you and others like it best! 😆 funny how life works that way! 🙏🏽

Spectacular movements, flexibility and symmetry in the positions. Congratulations @steemed-open

Thanks. I do my best 👌🏼

This is a friend, we must give the maximum performance but without compromising safety and health. Excellent! I like it

I use an app to edit photos on my smartphone to make everything quicker. It's called snapseed. Give it a try when you want to share some smartphone ones and feel like tweaking them a bit.
In the third picture did you manage to keep your balance or you got some help from the wall? I was doing vrishikasana for some months and I managed to "take my legs" off the wall and even keep the pose for about 20 seconds and I am curious about your performances also for this type of asanas.

I’m similar at about 20 seconds holding on my own off the wall. But I don’t know how to fall well, and so I always kick up at the wall for the times I over shoot it!

I’ll check out the app. He uses a big Nikon for the good shots though so I think He likes the present process.

Welcome back after many days. I was just waiting for your new blog. All the pictures are really great to look but I believe, in practical it’s hard to do. The last picture is just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for your praises. Glad you appreciate my posts so much. 🙏🏽

You are most welcome :)

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Nice way to... cooperate! Of course Sean is in a very privileged position to have such a fabulous model. No wonder he takes so many pictures. I would find it hard to stop too... in fact, I'm the same way with my wife Karin. Could take photos of her all the time.

I frequently ask her to model for my paintings, but its hard to get an... appointment ;-) She likes looking at photos, but since she practically doesn't exist online except for her café, she doesn't do anything much else with them.

I always enjoy the photos you share. Plus I'm very thankful, that you make them available at a decent resolution. Quite often, I think the pictures only reveal their full potential, when you see them enlarged at full resolution. And that's also, when all the hard work choosing the right ones and all the editing pays back :-)

And oh my, those poses... I'll never stop being amazed at how you do that!!

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