Why your motivation as a content creator matters..

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Why are you creating and why does it even matter?
This topic can be expanded from a simple answer to the real core of why we are doing the things we are doing. Questioning and reflecting yourself is a skill!

The moment you get aware of what you are actually doing, you will be more likely to make the right decisions and to judge yourself and correct the road you are walking on.
Who are you.jpg

And you will be more likely to achieve what you are really looking for, though it may be not the thing you thought you wanted.
One quick example, how reflecting your motivation could work:

Toni 29, Step 1 ►
"I want to make money, thats why i am creating"
Toni 29, Step 2 ►
Question:"Toni, why do you want to make money?"
Answer: "I would like to make holidays on the Maledives and also build a house."maledives.jpg
So thats what his goals really are. We still could go on asking the “why” question to find out more about Toni, But lets not dig that deep.
►► How much more exciting is it to read a blog about Toni sharing his passion of wanting to go to the maledives than wanting him to make money? Even for himself it could be an electrifying moment of motivation to visualize what it really is that he wants beyond the general term money.

At the end i believe questioning himself will not only help Toni in his life, he will also be able to understand others in a much better way and might be a blessing for others instead of serving his own satisfaction on the back of others.

I also believe reflecting is an ongoing process, if we really want to live the life we dream about and not only wanting to dream about it, we have to reflect who we are and what we want, then go for it.


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Hey great post, self assessment is something I'm really delving into right now. It's so easy to just kind of go with the flow of life and not really live with a purpose or have plans.

It's also very easy to think we want things that we don't even want just because we're kind of conditioned to want normal stuff that most people want.

I'm currently going through this like wondering am I enjoying what I'm doing career wise, why am I living where I'm living? Do I like it here or am I just comfortable and it's where I grew up.

Also getting more into the motivation thing why do you want what you want?

Good stuff to think about.

I am Motivated to learn everyday, apply, teach and inspire others to go out and make it happen! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me with your lessons along the way.