Who am I? Entry to @surpassinggoogle's Steemit Untalented Contest

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This post is my entry to @surpassinggoogle's Steemit Untalented Contest.

So, who am I?

I am supposed to be stellar but that username is taken so I improvised. I've been using stellar way back when the internet is dominated by 56 kbps modems and prepaid dial-up internet cards. I got it from a song of one of the greatest rock band I know, the incubus. Yep, they were named after some sort of demon who sleep with women but their music speaks nothing about that.

Recently, a woman crazy enough to live the rest of her life with me gave birth to another baby girl. Of course, I named her Stellar to preserve my nonsensical legacy. So when I came upon steemit, I used my good old nick:

In real life

I'm Ron, 30 something. I'm working as LAN Administrator for a global brand. If my job title would be strictly enforced to fit my job description, then I would be managing and administering our company's network but the IT field is tricky and fast-paced and competitive and toxic so I'm also responsible for a lot of other tech related stuff. I managed different servers while trying to deploy an ERP from the scratch. Not really complaining, I enjoy the new set of skills I acquire. Plus, juggling between different tasks and tech makes my job less routinary.

I majored in Mathematics back in college but I failed miserably. So I took a two-year IT course. That makes me technically a college undergraduate but I am blessed enough to get the jobs that I really like. Personally, I think that your skills and qualifications should not be bounded by your diploma and TOR. I'm not saying that school and degrees are not important, in fact, kids should go and finish school. I still regret that I screwed up my scholarship in college but that's life, at one point or another, we are bound to fail. But should we stop there?

I did not.

After graduating, I did a lot of gigs from creative to technical. I spent almost half of my working career as a graphic designer and the other half as an IT professional. It really depends on the opportunities coming in but I used to switch between the two. I also did freelancing but I got bored real quick so I searched for a day job.


I just got back from medical leave and I was forced to the sidelines for one week. I'm still under medication which is pretty disorienting at times. Hopefully, I will get a complete recovery soon.

Till then.

I am back, hopefully! Follow Random Collective by @st3llar


Failing mathematics is kinda regular for an average naija youth I presume. Alot of us have been there before. I love this and totally agree "Personally, I think that your skills and qualifications should not be bounded by your diploma and TOR". I don't know what TOR means though. Certificates is nothing compared to knowledge and skills, that's my opinion. Get well soon pls. Thanks for sharing.

TOR is Transcript of Records. Its the official records of your grades and employers usually ask for it together with diploma.


Nice personality.


You are welcome

There are other things than TOR that remain unmeasured.

Correct! Hehe

I love your story...i also failed in mathematics in my school days and still fail now...am @amec ....a 300 level marketing student. ....was really nice reading ur post☺

Glad to hear im not alone.lol

Thank you.

Very well-written again bes @st3llar! Wooh, techy people magingay!!!

tapos tatahimik ako haha

Hope you fully recover soon, pero akalain mo yun tinatablan ka pala ng virus! Lol.

And... file for patent sa font mo please, before it gets stolen. Dali dali! Hahaha.

You obviously are geared to succeed, if your writing is any indication. I know I'll hear of even greater things from you.

I'll watch out for more of your work Ron! ^_^

Salamat bes! Muntik nako maiyak. Yung font ko naka patent na yan. hahaha

Goodjab! Yan na talagang font na yan ang key to success mo bes haha.

And kung iiyak ka please you know my rule. One tear lang galing sa left eye. Dahan dahan tutulo para effect!

parang juday ganon??:D

Yesh! Think Mara Clara hahaha

so that makes you 40 something?:D

Hahaha. @dreamiely, binuking ka ni Terry o! :D

Ay grabe ka @surpassinggoogle! More like 41.5 ÷ 2 (age at heart, not the bio age) lol

I hate you bes. Haha

Sigh the follies of youth also took away my scholarship ._.
But thankfully, I'm in a better place now after the struggles that came after.

Good to hear that! Keep steeming! :)

Congratulations on the new birth! I hope you feel better soon. Your autobiography is interesting and I agree on the college piece... I took 11 years of halftime college so that I could obtain a bachelor's degree in Communications. I'm not making very much money and I have a big loan to pay back. Such is the way of life. Good luck with everything

Thank you! Life can be tough but I know we can do something. Good luck to you as well.

Nice post! Now follow meehhhh!!! LOL!

Ayowwnnn sana sinali mo love mo for music at mga mylabs mo! hehe .

Good read my friend! :)

Eh baka pumanget. Hahaha

Matagal ko na po kayong nafollow dahil sa so slooow...

Thru the fayeerrr naman. Hahaha

Juskolordddd ang hirappp naman nyan! Literal na Chaka boses ko dyan hahaha!

Hahaha. Anything from earth wind and fire? O sige, foolish games by jewel. Lol

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I love mathematics. It's my favourite subject.

Good for you. :)

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Nice introduction post! Glad you made it onto this platform. It’s going to change your life, hope you have a good time. If you have any doubts, you can always join Steemit.chat and ask for #help.

Thank you! :)

Congratulations! Another member of your beautiful family was added. Glad that you have so many professions and it means you are an intelligent person.

Wow! Thank you for your kind words!:)

You are very much welcome :)

Koya po ako, ate. :D

Oh Im sorry. Edit ko nlg po :)

Recover soon. Great the you didn't quit and yes, there is more to life and success than secular education and there is "school of life". Steemit opens new doors. You are into IT so overtime, i am sure you will start to peer into steem itself, perhaps even more. Your intellect was shown here. Vote is small cos too many entries and no voting power. Stylishly have been waiting for it to recover but it has not. There will be next time. Stay awesome!

Thanks, I'm doing good. Hopefully, the meds really kick in and beat the crap out of this disease. No problem with the small vote. Youve voted me enough and its only fair for others to receive your support especially the new ones.

Your contest really turned out well. The engagement is awesome!


Yes and you only need to see the top 3 comments and their threads

And more awesome entries are coming in!

The best part is, I can say that you've saved another life.

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failure is a ladder of success

Everything works from internet. There is nothing without incoming internet in the future.

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