Amazon Cloud Secures U.S. DoD Data

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Ah, just when I thought I was being overly dramatic about Amazon being too much of a monopoly, I learned something new that caused my thoughts to soar through the roof.

Well, the cloud. Allow me to explain.

Today, I came across a totally unrelated YouTube vlog, and the host shared a recent job-related class teaching how to monitor security for the Department of Defense (DoD) data being uploaded to the AMAZON cloud…lol…rme…

Amazon CLOUD?

Forgive the caps; but, whoa, that’s huge. Who knew such a thing existed?

I’ve included the link below; as, the silver lining is that it will save taxpayers millions of dollars a year.

Now, this is another one of those topics that got past me on Gargoyle headlines.

And, had this not been mentioned in today's vlog, it would still be an unknown.

And, what makes it an interesting topic is two fold:

First, I didn’t even know Amazon had a cloud. I always thought it was limited to Windows?

And secondly, I have a current post discussing whether Amazon is a threat to the U.S. economy (link below).

Geez, I can only smh, because all of a sudden I now realize that Amazon is even more of a monopoly than I could have ever imagined.

Interesting… here are the links:

DoD loads data to Amazon Cloud

Is Amazon a Threat to U.S. Economy?


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