Is Amazon Threat to US Economy?

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Have you noticed?

America is shrinking…No, not in size; but in economy. Think about it.

When I think about it, I think about Amazon.

I don’t even think about Wal-mart anymore.

When it comes to groceries, it’s the same thing…I think about Amazon Prime.

This company is getting so huge that cities have begun to ban cashless Amazon kiosks; deeming them discriminatory.

This company is becoming such a monopoly that they’re bypassing UPS and Fed Ex, hiring their own employees to deliver packages. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; but, another example of how everything is run under one thumbprint.

That’s kinda’ disturbing, don’t you think?

To further things, in recent days several big name stores, frequented by the working class, have folded up, closed shop, shut down, and moved on.

Of course, the reasons hold a lot of variables; including China tariffs increasing costs for consumers, and a major increase in delinquent mortgages and delinquent car payments, giving people much less cash for non-essentials.

Even Tesla has made a super downsize; closing several of its storefronts.

While it’s sad to see American businesses doing a quiet disappearing act, I’m mildly encouraged in an odd way…more on that later.

But first, people swimming in the Kool-aid have to realize/acknowledge that on the other side of every closed business door, which has served the community for decades, are thousands of working-class people joining the unemployment line.

Vloggers making their bread and butter by pouring the Kool-aid are doing a disservice to their audiences if they only paint roses and no thorns. If I view an alt-media site, or msm site for that matter, which only paints a half truth leaning towards their political talking points, I instantly click off; because, a half truth is actually far worse than a lie.

If you listen closely to the rhetoric of political analysts, it is beginning to sound a whole lot like the spill from the last recession.

Employers just "can’t seem to find the right fit to hire"…aka…the unemployment reality is that job ads are just electronic fronts; because hiring has ‘slowed’ to a snail’s crawl.

That said, I’ll bet student-loan offers haven’t slowed. I’m sure that shiny little lure of pay-later tuition, for most naive18-year-olds fresh out of high school, is still dangling on the line.

All of the glowing job accolades will come to light during the campaign debates, that most people are working low-wage, part-time jobs…two and three of them…running against the wind…and as mentioned above, delinquent in paying for their ‘assets’.

Statistics can be camouflaged as smoke and mirrors; but, shuttered businesses can’t. Driving the city streets, seeing once thriving store fronts shuttered and graffitied, don’t lie. And, seeing the growing number of homeless people living under bridges reveals a truth that simply can’t be denied.

Anyhoo, that’s about it.

Oh, about the optimism for the business future…Could it be that all of the shuttered businesses will create more room for mom-and-pop businesses to rise up off the ash heap?

Ughm…prolly not. Amazon Prime has a monopoly on the economy right now; and the foreseeable future. The problem with monopolies is control. It reminds me of socialism in an indirect way: One entity controls all of the goods.This becomes a potential threat to the masses.

Of course, I am not hating on Amazon. I quite like the conveniences. I rate their customer/delivery service as stellar. That said, their prices have surged much in the past ten years; and, what keeps them ahead is quick service and their policy of making things right for the consumer.

Yes, I could save a few bucks buying somewhere else; but, the wait time makes Amazon a go-to company. It is definitely a catch-22; but, it keeps me thinking…

Best regards.


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I don't think Amazon is having any negative impact on Tesla like you imply -- Tesla is radically successful right now even if they've "closed a few storefronts"


Good point...Tesla and Amazon a bit like apples and oranges when I think about it.

Thanks for chiming in!


Short term yes. Long term no. I’ve seen and experienced a resurgance of what we lost with WalMart and social media. The human connection. We miss interacting with others no matter how bad their attitude. We don’t interact like we did 20yrs ago or more. And most are tired of automous/anonymous side of business. I’m seeing people wanting recognition by who they buy their service or product.
Sort of going in with the big ai push because amazon is one of the biggest users and developers. Ai is not a bad thing but it’s only going to go as far as demand. It’s like the difference of “handmade/homemade” goods. You can see feel and taste the difference vs mass production. More people these days are willing to pay 2$ more for that human feel if it’s budgetable.
Another thing. Amazon will not always have a free ride from their use of usps. People will abandon usps if it costs 1$ to mail a postcard. Where’s their profitability then.
Also local lg chain grocers now deliver or you can pick up a list sent.