NZ Gunman Seemed to Act Out VR in Real-Life Scenario

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As the internet celebrates its 30th birthday, the recent assault on unarmed worshipers at a New Zealand mosque show how it has helped perpetrate evil on a worldwide stage. Virtual reality has made the disillusioned able to re-enact the virtual world in a real-world setting.

The downside is, most people who take fantasy to real world, always have a common denominator: unarmed victims.

In video games, the battle rages on both sides.

In an act of pure cowardice, the armed and ready to perp evil, launch attacks on those unable to fight back.

Thankfully, a primary hero of this assault is Abdul Aziz, who used one of the suspect's guns; taking shots at the gunman; preventing worse carnage, by forcing him to flee.

At last count, 50 people have died in a place of worship at the hands of a very cowardice act. Shooting unarmed people, and running when someone fights back...smh...rme...

The only hope for this very lost being is that he will find the Lord in the many years of incarceration that he faces.

Anybody talking false flag, I rme, smh, and say….stop.

The people in the New Zealand mosque died doing the most honoring thing one can do before God… literally and humbly falling on their face in prayers in their defined house of worship.

I'd be amiss to not acknowledge that thousands of Christians are martyred each year, in churches around the world.

These extreme events reminds one of the battle of love vs. hate.

Prayers for those affected by this tragedy, and especially the soul of this poor soul who let the enemy (satan), steal, kill, and destroy anything freedom, for now.

Of course, where there’s life there’s hope.

The hope I end with is that in his remaining time on earth, he asks God to forgive him, and becomes a servant of the one true God Almighty, denouncing the evil one who has consumed and confused his very being.


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