Confidence And How To Get It - part II

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Two days ago I was talking about confidence and how to get it in part I.  


There are two ways on how to be confident. The first one is your body language! I gave some good examples how just holding your shoulder differently can help you to get more confidence.  

The second way is all in your mind. People are shy, fear the change, don't like themselves, don't appreciate what they are blessed with, have a mind full of negative thoughts, have a broken self-image and act negative in general. I am definitely not a psychologist but I went through the process getting confident and how to love myself. I am still not where I want to be but I am learning and I give the best I can. So no worries, if you feel down or if you agree to at least one factor which I mentioned above, there is a way out if you always stay focused and give the best version of yourself day to day.  

One thing that hold people back from pursuing their dreams is fear of failure. I was asking myself where does the fear come from? Its all in your mind! So what you first need to do is to overcome the fear in your head. You may wonder what I am going to say next but failure is good. People exist on earth to make mistakes and to learn from them. Imagine being born with all skills that you can think about, how would life look like? Please think about that… 


I want you to say the following words to yourself every morning

  1. I want to make mistakes so I can learn from it  
  2. Failure helps me to get the best version of myself  

But please keep in mind, its a different story if you make a mistake 1-2 times or if you do the same mistake a bunch of times. Everyone fails at something but strengths is who is able to learn from these failures !

5 powerful ways to boost your confidence   

 Stay away from negativity and spread positivity  

Its obvious that negativity is bad for you. Not only for your aura, it also stops you to grow. Just imagine having someone in your brain who controls your feelings. There is someone who exist for positivity. Give him/her the control over the steering wheel.  

Dont accept failure and get rid of the negative voice in your head

We all know the voice inside our heads that tells us to stay in bed, don't grow, just chill and watch some TV. Its preprogrammed that you will fail again and again. Don't accept the voice, fight against it.  

Get to know yourself  

Write down everything that you like and everything that you don't like about yourself on a piece of paper. When you realized what you dislike about yourself, you are able to work on it and defeat it! 

Get prepared  

Its hard being confident when you are scared of an upcoming situation where you know you're not doing well at it but if you know whats coming, you wont feel the fear that hard anymore.  

Focus on solutions  

If you are a complainer or often think about problems and what could go wrong. Stop it! Focus on solutions rather than on problems. An example „I am fat and lazy“ okay and you can solve that. You can motivate yourself and start getting fitter and having the shape you dreamed of.  

There are a lot of great ways on how to get confidence but I chose these 5 because these worked best for me.  

A huge factor is also the smile ! Smiling helps spreading positive energy and makes you a lot happier. It also makes you look more confident.  

Quote of the day - 

 Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it. ― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer 


If you were interested in reading about this topic, be sure to check out the first part of „Confidence and how to get it“ because you need both ways ( Body language & inner strengths ) to get the results you dream of.  

Thanks for reading  

Stay focused  


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Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it. ― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
So true! I try to live by that day after day. Such an important topic. PS: you're sitting right now next to me and I could tell you that, but commenting on Steemit is more fun :D <3


the best thing i have heard today :) followed


Thanks so much ! :)


And making money by doing so is fun :P - If you would've just told her without being on Steemit, you would've lost an opportunity to make MONEY HONEY! haha

if you don't try, it's a 100% failure. this is what i think about the life :) couldn't agree with you more :)


Great aspect thanks !

Very interesting @soldier, here you have a new follower

Have a nice day : )

Another thing about body language is; posture. If you are slouching then it says a lot about how you feel and your current mood. If you have proper posture you will look poised and alert and ready for what's going on in the situation.


Totally agree with that! Thanks for your comment!

I've heard this funny re-occurring joke on Reddit that supposedly helps with confidence.

Step 1 - be attractive.
Step 2 - don't be unattractive.



Its confusing but makes sense at the same time !


Great words !!!!

Confidence is the enemy of insecurity.

Hello @soldier
I have upvoted your post and I wish you to see my project help post here. Thanks for spreading positive thinking. Please upvote


I will have a look :)

@soldier upvote and thats nice article i wrote about driving out fear check it out


Thanks a lot , I will check your post for sure

I followed the part one of this article. It was extremely informative. You never stop to deliver. The part two is also on point. Thanks for taking your time to compile and share this awesome post. I am confidently steering


Thanks so much ! I really appreciate it

sweet man. Tony Robins shit! Lol.

You might want to leave this one out; but TRAUMA. Nothing like a little trauma to give yourself a little don't give a "f" bout nothing.


This is great !


haha if you survive and have the support. Woman we're begging to sleep with me
and this is how traumatized I was; I didn't give a "f" even about sleeping with them. The good thing is when you build yourself up again, you can think back and tap into that feeling. It never goes away. You can use it in business, relationships, even finding a spouse. Although when you find your spouse that's the challenge. I had to let the walls down slowly. You have to be smart when using it, and when de-activating the wall.

Thanks for Sharing ...


your welcome :)

Confidence is everything for a woman !!!


so true !

Really great article. I think another interesting way to be more confident is to purposely put yourself in situations you would find uncomfortable. Doing this really helped my mentality, which is, as you mentioned, a big factor in being more confident.

Thanks for sharing! :)


I totally agree with you! Thanks for your opinion

Smiling. That reminds me when I was going through stuff. My mom told me that when you smile the body thinks everything is ok. When you do some other face that is associated with trouble then the body gets worried. That analogy kept me smiling through the tough stuff.


Thanks and I believe in that too !!!

Exactly. That negative voice in our heads is often our biggest downfall. If we can manage to get out of our own way, we can do great things.


So true ! Thanks for these inspirational words !

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Thanks for sharing.

Be confident is a must. Thanks for sharing. I resteem the post.

if you can't change something just face it, additional overwhelming fear is not good. if you can change it so do it and stop complaining, fear is pointless :) a bit of fear keep us alive, but too much of that doesn't let us improve ourselves.
stay positive! :)

@soldier well said "Focus on solutions rather than on problems" is exactly what many people need to do in this world. I see so many people stuck on what they think is a problem when it really isn't. Thanks for sharing your insight.