Please Read Regarding Donations

in life •  8 months ago

Please stop all donations.

I want to convey my sincerest apologies to everyone who has sent donations to me for my medical procedure, and to anyone who has gathered donations on my behalf.

There has been a terrible misunderstanding. I am not a veteran. I have never been a member of the armed services.

I am just a disabled man with multiple health issues, including keratoconus.

I apologize if this misunderstanding has caused anyone grief. I will be refunding all donations I have received so far.

Once I have completed the refunds, I will be stepping away from Steemit.

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Sir, I've never had one interaction with you. So you have no reason to care about what I think. But, since you are losing your vision, since there is a procedure that can repair it, AND since there are people here who want to help, please accept the donations again.

I appreciate your honesty and desire to clear up all misunderstandings. I didn't pitch in towards your surgery fund because I thought you were a vet. I read of your need and wanted to help. I'm positive that there are many Steemians who feel the same way. Wouldn't you?

There is no shame in requesting help when it's needed. No reason to feel bad for accepting any assistance that others freely give. Just be honest, as you have. 🤗 Accept the donations and use them to recover your sight, as I hope you will. When you're able, pay it forward, as you strike me as the sort who would. 😁

Wishing you well.


Thank you!!

Dear @solarparadise, please understand that your vision is the most important reason for my donation. If you need help with your surgery, it would be my pleasure to once again donate. We need more people here on steemit like yourself as integrity and honesty have become a thing of the past. Be well and know you are in our prayers. 🐓🐓


Right on ! Agree 💯🐒


Everyone still cares about you doing well. Just get better and worry about all that later.


You are still in my prayers. If you find you need the extra help let us know. We are here for you.


Thank you!!

Clarification on your last post is needed. hope all's well man.

Hello @solarparadise!

Thank you for your honesty. The reason for my donation is that you need an eye surgery, regardless if you are a VET or not!

So if you decide to accept donations again, I would still donate and I believe many other people would.

You are still suffering from a disease that is causing you to lose your eyes correct? I made a pledge to help with the surgery. I never posted that you were a VET and the donations from my post are to save your eyes.

Are you still having this procedure done? Are you still in need? I am not sure how many gave due to the fact they thought you were a VET only.


I am losing my sight. I am legally blind in my right and left is getting there. With out the cross linking I will lose it in my left eye. I do need it and I do not know how we will be paying for it..


This is the real reason Steemit works. We take care of each other. You can't have to much fun around here if you can't see the screen. I am still willing to help you, I am sure many others are too. Just let us know what you need.


Yes need the help. Maybe my wife can help me make a new post in a few days. With out the help I can't get my sugrry dune and I will end up losing the sight I still have

All refunds have be sent.


Do not want your refunds. Take care of yourself boy. And thank all those that that have been supportive. Do not disrespect us.

I care not whether you are or not a veteran. I would have donated regardless.

I suffer from an auto-immune disease and am slowly losing my hearing. I am what one would consider to be legally deaf in my right ear and am on the verge of the same in my left. Surgery? maybe... hearing aid? makes me confused and worse

Anyone in need of medical attention to save a basic life fulfillment sense is someone I will support.

God Bless You

Listen to me boy.

We donate because we want to help.

Do not insult us by refusing this help.

You want to leave here because you are embarrased? Grow a set son. We are all embarrassed by some things. I like your post about solar power shit. Good stuff. Behave and hand around. You are doing fine.

Get me?

who started posts saying this, they went viral? I'd name names, I donated and saw this post everywhere, I don't know what all happened but this is why people can do damage trying to do "good" on here then everyone makes posts on here , most to just hop on the bandwagon or make a buck.... you can keep my donation for what it's worth and hope some Steemians stop being complete morons , take care

Please allow me to pass on some of the wisdom from my grandmother.

"The blessing of the gift is in the Giving, not the receiving."

What she meant by this is that yes, it's great to receive a gift ( a donation, if you will), but that the true blessing is conveyed upon the giver. A rejected gift removes this blessing from the giver.

Think about it: You, yourself, have given to others when you've been moved to do so. And didn't it make you feel good about yourself? Didn't it make you feel like you were doing something true, something worthwhile? Please don't take that away from the people who want to help you.

I am blind in one eye. I used to be blind in both eyes. I was lucky enough to afford one operation to replace the lens in one eye and that has made a difference in my life that I cannot even describe.

Take the help. See.