Bullet Journal system

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So I've been seeing a lot about a bullet journal system, figured I'd collect some resources to share with others.. Do NOT buy anything related to this IMO, most of the information can be found with a quick google "bullet journal how-to", or on your favorite social media platform. I've seen a lot of people talk about the bullet journal system on various platforms (Insta, Twitter, reddit, etc).

Here are a few of my finds, along with a quick reference image which I think this was from a pdf I received for signing up to their newsletter.
https://www.tinyrayofsunshine.com/blog/bullet-journal-guide Really in depth guide
https://medium.com/@melodywilding/bullet-journaling-for-beginners-and-impatient-unartistic-people-like-me-6efd7ee97f0e Fuck Medium for a paywall, but if you havent used your quota for the month...
https://codepen.io/oliviale/pen/aPwaXm This one is a fun one that gives you a webpage layout for inspiration

and the next two are more 'official book' type resources, but still useful nontheless..

and many many more I'd love for you to share.

Currently I'm working on a "digital" organizational system utilizing various task management and todo list systems, such as Getting Things Done, 7- Habits of highly effective people, Bullet Journal and many others. More to come on that when I get https://blokz.io/plan/ updated


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