How do I deal with a stubborn child???

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Children tend to stubbornness in childhood or teen,Sometimes this trait is an integral part of their personality,And parents to work to control and reduce as much as possible to facilitate dealing with them,Dealing with a stubborn child is one of the most difficult things,It tends to reject and resist almost everything,Even in the schools find teachers complain about the stubborn child frequently For their inability to absorb and deal with it quickly.


Causes of child stubbornness

  • Some children use this method to get what they want,They continue to do so because they find the parents responding to it.

  • Auctioneer Overload,When the parents Child pampering Excessively,So that they bring and do what he likes,His behavior begins with change and a tendency towards hostility and stubbornness.

  • Sometimes stubbornness appears in adolescence And with the change of ormones
    And the beginning of puberty.

  • Sometimes this character of their personalities and difficult to change.

  • an attempt to draw attention and played the role of naughty at home.

  • Continuous reprimand or beating by parents.


How to deal with stubborn child

  • stubborn child control.

  • Maintain calm: When responding to stubbornness in anger or shouting,Parents thus reinforce the child's belief that negative behaviors have consequences.

  • watch the behavior of the child: it refuses to do a certain thing,Or may continue to do something that parents have asked him not to do,And determine what made the child uncomfortable,Studies suggest that a child tends to be stubborn When he feels nervous or socially unacceptable.

  • Directed by Child from stubbornness: The child may behave Indecent and stubborn in public places or at the dining table, The person must first wait for the child to calm down And then try to understand the reason for his behavior.

  • Listen to the child: Sometimes everything a person has to do Is to listen and talk with the child rather than to develop plans and strategies to deal with him,And remember that one of the causes of stubbornness in children is an attempt to draw attention,So when you give the baby what time it takes to make it more flexible.

  • the imposition of discipline with patience and tenderness:Child needs to feel safe and love,Especially when they fall in the problem, A peaceful environment must be created at home,If there is a lot of shouting and threat in the ocean,
    The child will be what he sees as embodying.

  • Making good behavior an advantage:For children who refuse to do a certain job,They should be asked in a nice way,Or if they do By something they will have an advantage over others.

  • Provide options: If the child rejects a particular option There are always alternatives to choose from.


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I cannot help on this I am a teen!😂

Thanks slimanepro for this beautiful article.
I hope that these tips will help parents to deal with stubborn child. Because Stubbornness in children is one of the common issues faced by most of the parents.

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how to deal with a stubborn child?
use duct tape

a very interesting subject

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