APPICS Update: Dubai Video Series | 1000€ Giveaway | ICO Countdown has begun!

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The countdown has begun - only 3 weeks left until the APPICS ICO starts on march 28!

Our team is working globally right now, preparing for the ICO, representing APPICS at events, doing marketing, developing an alpha version, connecting with influencers and more.

A lot of things have happened since we officially founded APPICS AG last month in the 'crypto valley' Zug, Switzerland.

That's why I will share some updates with you in this post!
Part of the team was actually representing APPICS at 2 different events in DUBAI this month - scroll down to watch our DTube video diaries below.

But first ...

Who would like to win a €1000 travel voucher?!

The APPICS traveller challenge is on!

Under the theme #passionrewarded , we will start a new series of giveaways for each of our content categories. The first one is TRAVEL!

How to enter?

  1. Follow us on Instagram appics.official
  2. Take a picture of yourself traveling to your favorite spot
  3. Upload your picture on Instagram and tell us why you chose this place
  4. Use the hashtags #Appics, #travel and #passionrewarded and tag us @appics.official

The winner will be announced on the 28th of March, the day of our ICO!

Team APPICS in Dubai

This month, part of our team travelled to DUBAI to attend two different FinTech conferences.
Dubai is an amazingly futuristic city, that is one step ahead in many areas of modern technology and science. It has become a metropolis for Entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts from all over the world!

Finovate Middle East 2018

The first conference to attend was Finovate Middle East.
When @mrs.steemit was on stage representing APPICS, @lisadang and our CTO Chris were behind the scenes and at the booth, while @thehipsterguru made sure to capture every moment on camera.

Day 1 - Preparations & Rehearsal

Day 2 - Presentation

They actually didn't allow any slides, so Uma was doing a live demonstration of an APPICS clickdummy app on stage!

Click here to get a massive sneak peek into our app and take a look at the full presentation.

Our presentation was actually awarded with one of the main prices of the whole event!

Conference attendees were able to vote for their favorite presentations with an app - and it seems like APPICS really impressed them. Thank you!

World Blockchain & Token Summit

The 2nd conference we attended was the World Blockchain & Token Summit where APPICS was one of the gold sponsors.

At this 2nd conference, we actually won a price for our presentation as well!

We didn't expect this at all, but at both events we attended, we received one of the main prices. Thank you for the support, we appreciate it!


Are you a Reddit expert? Do you know how to estaböish an account, build credibility and an audience on Reddit? Do you have what it takes to become our new REDDIT MANAGER?

We are currently looking to hire an expert who has lots of experience with Reddit.

Be sure to drop us an email at mail@appics with your qualifications and we'll get back to you!

Join our Telegram community!

Are you already part of our telegram group?
Several members of the APPICS team are active in this chat all the time, answering your questions and providing updates about APPICS.
Recently, we've had crazy traffic towards our telegram, as we jumped from 9k members to 15k in a day! (This was due to an airdrop campaign. Sign up there to get your free XAP airdrop tokens)

Thank you for over 15,500 members! Let's hit 20k before our ICO starts!

By the way, we have also created APPICS telegram groups for the Korean and for the Russian community! Join to chat about APPICS in your native language!

⏳ The countdown has begun... ⏳

Less than 3 weeks until our APPICS ICO starts on March 28!

Are you ready? 🙌

Appics-Signet small.png

Join the APPICS Movement on Telegram!

- Instagram -

- Steemit FB Group - 

© Sirwinchester

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Dear @sirwinchester
I wanted to inform you of an opportunity that #promo-steem has for you and other major projects on the steem blockchain.

We are the media partners for the London Crypto Currency Show on 14th April. In return for this, we have managed to get our hands on 14,000 usd of promotional access in the form of 2 x hour long presentation seminars and one 4 x 3m exhibition stand.

Instead of using the presentation time and exhibition stand to ourselves we decided to let the major projects and notable steemians use it. So we are giving away talking spots and the opportunity exhibit at our stand for free.

This is quite a big deal since the London Crytpo Currency Show is organised by the London Investors Show, a well-established, long term investing exhibition which brings in crowds of 2,500 experienced investors through its doors at most events. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for the steem blockchain to make a strong mark at one of the premier blockchain events in the UK, and Europe basically for free.

Please see this blog for further details. I hope you are interested in either sending someone from your project to talk at one of the seminars, supporting the event or spreading the word to other major projects or notable steemians.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Really amazing progress brother. Your a revolutionary and a baller!

I just featured you @mrs.steemit and @soldier in my new Steemfest post as well as gave a shout out to Appics.

안녕하세요 좋은글 잘읽었습니다

Oh man this is awesome!! Can't wait for the launch!! Not an instagram user myself, but good luck to all the contestants!! Might Just give it a try though, coz as it happens, I'm traveling tomorrow :D

You team is all over the place! Thanks for sharing!

Hmmmmm, looks like an adventure of a lifetime. I'd love to be a part

Good one. Thanks for carry everyone along with this..


Interesting writing..thanks for share useful for us

great news. thanks for updating us. well done

This is an innovation that will innovate the world and the life of those that taps into it...keep soaring higher.

This is awesome, would like to be a part

Very nice and beautiful picture and video ilike you
Plz follow me

Forgive me I'm trying to fully understand appics. Is it a contest? I thought it was a company launched in Switzerland.


You are right. APPICS is not only a company in switzerland, but will also be a mobile app that works similar to steemit. APPICS is actually one of the first smart media tokens (SMT) on the steem blockchain. for more information please check out and our video


Thank you for this. Getting the app right away.

Great project. @sirwinchester
All the very best.

Hmm looks like an adventure of a lifetime I d love to be a part,,,,

This is going to be so awesome ! I have done two posts on APPICS ! Icant wait for it to launch ! 💕💕💕👍👍😀
Heres my latest promotional post I just put up ! :
Heres one I did about 6 days ago ! :
Go Team Appics !

Really excited for all of this @sirwinchester!

One quick question, I know the ICO is March 28th, but when will the actual software and front end of the Appics platform go public?

This is such an incredible journey we are all on. I love keeping up to date with what you guys are doing. Counting down with you! Can't wait for 28th! And will be doing my Instagram post tonight!

I am waiting for the miracle

So looking forward to the appics release on the 28th. Been watching the progress for months and wish all participants the best of luck.

Hi @sirwinchester that is very exciting news from Dubai! I just posted a review about the APPICS ICO maybe you like to check it out I wish you guys all the best with your upcoming ICO and make yourself comfortable in swiss crypto valley 😁

Hi @sirwinchester ! I was wondering why the @appics system shows a minimum of 5000 USD as investment, considering the tier0 is 0 to 1000 usd.

If the minimum investment is 5000 USD, how can tier0 take place, or this is an error, and the minimum is 500 USD?

Regards, @gold84

good news

good news

We are eagerly awaiting the implementation of this great technology

passion rewarded!!!!!passion rewarded!!!!!