Underground Steemit Pirate Podcast Radio Show Presents!!!!!

in life •  3 years ago 

I want to say thank you to my 60+ followers! Because you of we were able to raise the quality of the Podcast,for that my much thanks! As requested I put together a few things! I know we are a small bunch now, but are bound to grow!!!! Follow me for info and PodCast episodes. WE ARE EXPANDING.

Start Date: September 12th, 2016

$0.00  -

Present day:

$43.50 +   ( ^ ) 

 We have literally grown each day from 1 person to 3 then a small cult! I will keep delivering the Podcast, especially the way #5 was done! I got good responses.

Trying to raise $$ for the Cause!

Please Read For More Info & How to Join.

Episode 5 "Mind Chill" Part 1.

Everything donated and made will be transferred into Crypto Currency and then put into circulation for the Creators Guild.

U.S.P.P.R.S Gear.


Steemit Verification .

So far we have made $43.50! in a duration of 7 days est. 

We are currently paying for original content to air on our Podcast!

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