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 Sup guys, its SirLunchalot from Pirate Podcast Radio! Woo, based off my Episode 5 Podcast I think I will start the creative movement here first before I look at other platforms! This a WAR CRY to all original creators of ALL kinds, RALLY with me in building a Cyrpto Currency Sustained Market for creators. The Very Mild Details are below. I wouldn't release the whole business motto would I? RECRUIT RECRUIT! I'm looking for serious people to fill the podcast with content and in return hopefully I can pay them in Crpyto Currency! 

So far we have earned a modest $43.50 from Steemit, and with that I will be adding to the quality of the podcast and paying people for content to air! 


Based on the numbers we have now, we can pay a Creators

  •  $1.00 a week per piece of content ( Up to 3 pieces Maximum Payout $4.50 per piece,per week)
  • Price is negotiated by the product.
  • Support up to 4 other creators.


Because, a week ago I didn't know anything about Steemit, $43.50 dollars I see now that we users have the potential to build a FREE Market based upon this OPEN MARKET platform.

Think about it think about it. It wont be for everyone and more than likely will be hard work, but the payoff will be amazing not to mention we will be one of a kind!

We have a vision, to build a small close knit community that shares the same views, likes and dislikes. Its about the Radio, Its about the Interaction, Its about the Friendship! With any earnings we will invest it right back into building bigger better production all the while giving E jobs ( Internet jobs to the listeners ) to people that can help the cause. Creators are VERY welcome, but we also want book smart and office people who can handle business. Maybe we can use Crypto Currency to start up and build a company and use it as a payment system. My overall goal is to make a T.V. network type podcast that features its own commercials, its own cartoons and its own art, music, and everything variety all the while being able to pay its contributors free from advertisement and corporate agenda! Also the working from home would be a awesome way to get people to sustain a way of living while being able to do what they love! We also have plans to have Gaming Podcast and much more.
future project.  

Become a Pirate!

~ SirLunchAlot. 

Tune into my Podcast Episode 5 to understand more!!!

Thanks for paying attention!

See you in Space..

Contact me on @CollectiveMind

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