ATTN! Crypto Currency Based Video Game Update!! Crypto Kurrency Wars, Steemit based game in development!

in life •  3 years ago

Sorry about the crappy in game footage but i wanted to give an idea of what its like! Once i'm done it will be free to play and download with multiplayer functions!

Crypto Kurreny Wars


Based in a world with 2 warring factions trying to eradicate the others currency in order to put in place their own. Choose the side of Paper Currency ( no name yet ) or Crypto Currency ( no name yet ).

CryptoSide: Your main objective is to learn about Crypto Currency and how it works. Once you obtain the knowledge you will be armed with a weapon and fight through NPC's/ Real players to infiltrate Paper Currencys side and steal the remaining ( Bonds, Money, Gold ) and destroy it. After that is done the last objective is to erase them off the face of the planet. ( Offensive side ).

Side Notes: I'm trying to figure out a way to involve real crypto currency into the games mechanics.

Market for DLC and new items

Open Market for Player Created items to trade for Crypto Currency

And more!

Paper Currency: Your main objective is to Survive and destroy the history of Crypto Currency! As the last remaining few who believe in the dollar you must find a way to push passed the enemy line and steal their valuable resources all the while staying alive and creating a market for your goods. Because you are the ( Defenders ) Any Crypto currency you obtain can be used on the same market. Obtaining Crypto currency will happen by killing enemies and taking what they have on them. If you mange to team up to defeat the NPCs and Players you second objective is to eradicate the zombie infestation that has taken hold of your side of the planet.

I might change the program I'm using to create the game onto a better client with a MMO server. My bigger vision for the game is to build a small server based MMO based on the said idea above. Also with an MMO based client I can more effectively introduce the market system using real crypto currency!

Server/Client cost $700.00, but i'm steeming right on ahead. i'm excited to say i've made some money on Steemit so I don't see why I wont be able to get this done. If I reach my goal then I will upgrade clients and create a MMO based version of the game as this is a FPS version.

Areas of Lacking-

I don't have any writers for the story so its halted there for now

Client itself, not that its bad but it could always be better

Still learning about Crypto currency myself

Last Note:

I'm working on like..800 different things right now like..

 Original Anime Mini Series - New Anarchy Girl "One World Anarchy"

Original Digital/HardCopy Manga - New Anarchy Girl " The Fall of Anarchy"

Producing a Mixtape for the Podcast show - Underground Pirate Radio Presents: Saturday Morning Cartoons and the Heist with no Cereal aka S.M.C/H.C

Comic shorts

New Anarchy Girl Mobile 2D pc/App game

New segment for my podcast called "Saturday Morning in the City"

If you have been following me you know that this list may seem big but i can tackle it, considering how much content i've been putting out already!

Will include:

More Content

More Detail and NPCS/Enemies

Quest/Story/Story line


12 different weapons

Huge 1 level open world map


Zombie DLC & More

I own all the rights to music used

Music Produced by Me

~Except during my live Podcast segment when I'm talking!

~Music Produced and owned by me

Thanks for tuning in! Check out my Podcast for inside info on everything else i'm doing!

Love you guys like always!


Ending Credits: Game is about 25% Done/Anime is about 70% done ( first episode )

Stay tuned for info

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Looks like something my son would enjoy: video game + cats. Good combination.

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