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Dear Steemit Diary this is entry #28 for the Steemit Diary game, today the alarm was set for 7.00 AM and strangely I only managed to get up at 8.30 AM which is the exact same time as yesterday and if you read my Steemit Diary yesterday you will know I woke up to many disturbances in the morning... well today was the same thing...


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Well not as many events this morning compared to yesterday but still one annoying one which cause me to lose some sleep.

I woke up to some parcel delivery man outside shouting across to some woman "by the way I can hear this because I sleep under my window and have my windows now open due to the heat " he was asking if she knew a certain someone and where they lived?

Seemed abit unprofessional to me but anyway my bed being right under the window I of course looked outside to see what the noise was about.
Next thing I see is this woman who I have no clue who she is but I'm guessing she must live in the neighbourhood somewhere, I see her pointing to my house and saying she thinks the person in question lives there.
What a nuisance so the delivery guy comes knocking at my house... and this is even before my alarm as started ringing.

And so this caused me to miss some sleep which I why I woke up later again and strangely at 8.30 AM same as yesterday.

IMG_20200625_211827 (2).jpg

Image By: @simonjay

Anyway firstly I went on Steemit to do my daily online tasks I also checked for the next dragons badge and noticed it requires me to collected more curation point than everything I have collected so far over the past couple of years wow.

Next I headed down and I had breakfast which this morning was eggs on toast.

IMG_20200612_213447 (3).jpg

Today was my day off I was suppose to meet a friend today as they said they were available in the mornings.
In the end they meant to say only yesterday morning as we cant meet because instead they are working today.
So since I had some time on my hands I thought I would try and use the pressure from my hose pipe on some bath drainage pipes outside which seem to be getting blocked.

This didn't work very well as expected but it must of done something as when I had my shower later I didn't have problems with the water being stuck or perhaps the outside had been floated lol I haven't checked yet whhooops.
I of course need to call the right people to deal with this problem but with it being still kind of a lockdown it's difficult to get anybody to do a job.


Image By: @simonjay

I took a break, ate and played some games then later since it had been such a beautiful day I went into the garden to do some weeding after about 2 hours, I took another break.

After my rest I started on dinner we had veggie burgers these are different from the previous ones and still better than the initial brand I tried.

IMG_20200617_220725 (2).jpg

Image By: @simonjay

We cleared up after dinner and then I watched a episode of Inspector Lewis after I went to sleep.

IMG_20200625_215103 (2).jpg

Image By: @simonjay / Taken From My TV / TV Series: Lewis

And So That Concludes My Diary Entry For Today.

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That veggie burger is looking delicious.

Weeding is a good task too. Garden is always a cool thing if you need a break.

Lockdown has not just created difficulty for serviceable stuff but also too costly these days as the technicians, plumbers are charging too much citing lockdown.

Nice reading your diary post.

Steem on.

The way I see it if you don't try different things you will never know.
I agree gardening can be good for you aslong as you take it slow and don't turn it into a job.
Ah good point about the high costly prices they are charging right now thank you.

My pleasure.

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