Almost Made The Royal Wedding 21/5/2018

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Well I am not going to pretend that I am the biggest fan of the royal family nor that I love all the weddings I can take but something like the a royal wedding between Harry and Meghan is not something that happens very often so why not take a peek at what all the commotion is about.

So I almost got invited to the royal not really only joking but my boss did ask me if I was finishing my shift on time to make it.
Guess I had an opportunity and I could of attended if once again work didn't get in the way.

Also if you was a Steemian visiting London for the wedding or living nearby I believe there was a little Steem meet-up event going on in one of the parks nearby.

My plan was to go to both!

Firstly to the royal wedding and then meet some Steemians after...I have to say if that did happen wow that would been one crazy awesome day to remember lol.

Anyway for a while now there was of course much talk about the royal wedding dress that Meghan would wear.
I mean even at work one of our boss's in charge of her team had her phone out secretly watching it live in hopes of getting a glimpse of the dress lol.

If by chance you haven't seen the dress yet pictured here is what all the fuss was about...

This is one of the nicer pictures mind you, and dont get too angry but in all honesty while the dress is of course beautiful its abit plain, well I would say the dress is actually nicely traditional but it is rather plain.

While I would not take it as far as some other people as it seems that Twitter was picking up a big storm with many also saying "its abit plain" actually the most used word so far is "boring"

Tweeters are calling Meghan Markle's wedding gown "Ill-Fitting" and "Boring" it seems likes Markle's wedding gown is officially dividing those on social media.
As many were also calling the gown "gorgeous" "beautiful" and "stunning" while others are stating to being and feeling less than impressed.

But Twitter didn't stop at the dress they went for Meghan's "beauty look" as well, those fans of Meghan watching expected to see Meghan perfectly polished with a touch of "edge" to her look as she often does but instead they were to find her hair falling out of place, nor were they impressed when her veil, yes apparently it wasn't falling perfectly at the ceremony.

Wedding Meghan / Edge Meghan

Anyway I must say that while I hoped for a more impressive dress I do have to admire how she picked something simpler and as for her "beauty look" many are saying she looked washed out, well I reckon she probably didn't get much sleep her nerves may have kept her awake for most of the night and I think she simply decided to not go so glammed up for her big day.
But not only that I noticed most were criticising the images seen online and strangely I do find the images to oddly capture a more unprepared looking Meghan but if you look at the live footage Meghan had her look down well.

Perhaps a dodgy camera?

But I do have to say that Kate Middleton had a much more expressive dress and with definitively a sense of a royal quality to it.

And even the late Princess Diana just wow what a amazing royal dress she had on for her big day, very big, extravagant full of expression, yup she nailed the royal dress.


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Amazing Writing....

Hello @simonjay: the truth is I'm not an expert in royal weddings, much less in wedding dresses, but if I compare the photos you present, certainly the dresses of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, I think more regal, more elegant and for the On the day of their wedding, it seemed that Kate and Diana looked more radiant ... It should not be easy for this girl to be entering, perhaps, one of the most complicated families in the world; Well, that's what I think ... Greetings.

Perhaps you maybe correct about them being one of the most complicated families in the world but I feel families and people are alot more odd then what most would think.
Some families are just downright really bizarre but not as televised as the royals.
Indeed Meghan's dress was very old fashioned and simple, the dresses of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton were more elegant of detail and royal ora @cjao20

excellent dear friend

I followed the wedding on tv, so cute, about the dresses i loved mostly kate dress, but the one that meghan use is more simply and give an idea of something clean and old style i like it too and most of all i like her smile during the cerimony, she seems truly happy and it is nice to see-

Yeah Meghan did have some big smiles during the wedding, since you saw it on TV did she looked tired and washed out? I personally didn't see it but they also said Harry looked very miserable again I didn't notice it. Kate's dress was very nice I liked it also, Meghan's was indeed old styled and simple, props to her for not letting the whole royal wedding thing get to her head @noemilunastorta

Wow very and beautiful

great post my friend..

Just wish the new marriage a beautiful and blessed union. Thanks for sharing @simonjay

Well lets just hope he made the right choice here @felixgarciap a blessed union to them.

Gave no care to watch haha

Haha I dont blame you many didn't really care @researchgeek

😂😂 right