The 1 Million Accounts Truth From Experience

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Well unless you haven't been online the last 3 or so days or have been super busy just posting then you may have just missed one incredible giant leap for all Steemians everywhere who are invested with
Yes that's right as you have probably already heard that our dear platform as reached an incredible 1 million accounts registered.

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Now I obviously know that when ever we talk about accounts the topics of how many are real? What about bots? Are these people actually even active?

While its incredible that Steemit as registered 1 million accounts we have to obviously get real and realise that many of these accounts arent actually proper accounts.

What I mean is people need to realise and understand that this is not just something that as happened with but from someone who as internet marketing experience you must understand that this is actually incredibly normal for websites.

All types of sites whether they be social media ones like facebook, youtube, twitter or forum sites even dating sites, retails sites they all get spam accounts.

And spam accounts are hundreds of accounts created by hackers spammers and people just messing about, some of these accounts are for testing purposes, spamming of course, trolling, advertising, selling or even just to make sites look bigger with more members, regardless its not something we should be too worried about or atleast not right now.

Some people on here get very angry or worried that there are possibly only about 100.000 actual real active accounts but please dont worry too much about all the rubbish accounts its perfectly normal, a site like facebook for example will have tons and tons of accounts being given away on some site, now I am not saying its right but just something that as happened to every successful website on the internet.

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I think the majority are real but we have a very low retention rate.

I agree we do have a low retention rate another thing I want you think about when it comes to accounts is some users have been caught with comments having over 2300 upvotes I even saw one with over 5000!! So yes that's right this user had all those accounts created to try and cheat the system @mysearchisover I would say less then half the accounts are working accounts but again from experience this is normal.

Wow! I haven't seen that before. That's MAJOR abuse! I think there are ways to report that stuff. You should sign up for @dustsweeper.

It's excellent news, more investors in steem. Best regards @simonjay

Yes in a sense but what we really need is some bitcoin holders to move here @felixgarciap

Amazing topic...

Thanks @niharikalove feel it was important to know and makes more sense of things.

Regardless of whether these accounts are not actually proper accounts, a very important milestone has actually been reached for what is the development of the platform and for the sale to be made to potential investors. I really consider it a point of joy and celebration. Thanks for the information @simonjay.


I completely agree for example we must also understand many signed up and forgot about their accounts meaning in future they may still return but it means at one point they were interested on the platform but yes its still a point of joy and celebration!


Still good news. Thanks for this information @simonjay! : )

Regardless of the thousands of spam accounts its very normal so its definitely still good news @whatisnew


It is still a remarkable to hit 1 million even if there accounts that no longer active, bot etc

Yeah I agree it sure is but it seems there are many who still think these are mostly active users, I mean the new posts would have tons more and what about all those nice post comments lol, last time there was around 80.000 actual active accounts hope you found the post interesting @hotmangoes and have you ever seen those lists of facebook accounds with emails and passwords they are HUGE?!